“Don’t argue, it’s the parents ‘right” Siti Nurhaliza asked to respect the parents’ choice – News Tel

    As a mother, Siti Nurhaliza chose not to hide the faces of her children. For her second child, Siti Nurhaliza has already revealed and showed the face of baby Afwa as early as a week old.

    Talking about the story of celebrities who still take the approach of not showing their baby’s face, said Siti, it is their right.

    Siti believes that the right belongs to the parents and there is no need to question it. What’s more, netizens and outsiders, there is no need to intervene in the matter.

    “Don’t argue why some celebrities don’t want to reveal their baby’s face.”

    “For me, it depends and is entirely up to the baby’s parents. They must have their own reasons. Everyone has a view and the choice to show the child’s face or not. “

    “I always respect everyone’s stand. I have also made the choice not to show my son excessively before. ”

    Siti explained that the time will come for parents to show their children’s faces.

    “The time will come later, they will also show the child’s face. Therefore, we do not need to argue about anything because they know what they want to do. ”

    That is the personal view of Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza on this issue.

    The story of covering the child’s face has been talked about by some speakers who said, it has something to do with issues that can affect others.

    if you follow before, instafamous who is also an entrepreneur, namely Kak KM or Liana Rosli said, he had an affair with parents from the celebrity group who wanted to show their children but covered the baby’s face.

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    Previously, among the celebrities who chose not to show their children’s faces were Neelofa and also Elly Mazlein. To this day, Neelofa’s child, baby Bilal, is one of the babies most awaited by netizens to look at her face.

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