DETAILS: Britney Spears & His Spouse Lost Their Child, Reason Explained? What Happened To Their Child?

    As per the recent reports a very sad news is coming up where Britney Spears and his spouse announces that they are going through a very hard phase of their lives. On Saturday they have announce that they have lost their miracle child and as you all know Britain is a very successful women and she is also a mother of two team sons his son names artesian Preston and Jayden James. Devar is by her ex husband whose name was Kevin federalin. After she announces this heartbreaking news about her miscarriage with her fiancé Sam Asghari. Britney is a very well known singer and if we talk about this child so she revealed that she is going to be a mother of her first baby with Sam Asghari. She was very happy announcing this news and she was expecting a baby but after that she came up with a very sad news sad. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Britney Spears & His Spouse Lost Their Child

    Somehow they have lost the baby and it leads to miscarriage. She Share this news through his Instagram account. She posted a short note on Saturday on her Instagram account where she said that she was very excited but she should have weighted before announcing a very big news and now with all sadness and a hard time she has to face of her baby in her pregnancy. Both the parents are in great trauma and fully devastated after sharing the news related to her miscarriage. She also mention that they both were so excited so they were not able to wait more to tell this news to everyone around them.

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    Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Announces Miscarriage

    But she said that she could have more and out of excitement they were very happy to share this news a bit early she also mention that the bond she shares with her spouse give him peace and strength and she will make sure to enlarge her family. Sending them our condolence and sympathy to face this hard time. Britney and his spouse are a very lovely couple and they thanked everyone on the social media platform for giving them strength and support.

    Britney Spears & Sam Asghari: Wikipedia & Biography

    And currently they want some privacy and wanted to live away from the media so that they can get out from this whole situation and this is a very rough and hard time they are facing but she mention that we all love you and thank you for the support we will make sure to give you a good news and American soon after this couples are very sad and giving them support.

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