Delhi Car Accident: Car from Murthal to Delhi Crashes, 2 killed Three Injured

    The news of a fatal car crash is coming from the Swaroop Nagar, Delhi. This nd=ewshas sought the attention of people. According to the sources, this mishap took place between a car and a parking truck. As pernthe sources, the police are investigating this case so that they may get to know the cause of this mishap. As far as we know, the police expected this case to be caused by the driver of the car under the influence of intoxication. This incident shocked people as the incident occurred on a fly-over. the incident happened on a fly-over let to Libas Pur. On the account of this accident, the family of the victims of this car accident is mourning.

    Although the police have not confirmed the names of all the victims of this accident yet the police department investigating this case has confirmed the number of victims involved in this car crash to be 5. As far as the victims of this car crash are concerned, 5 people have been victimized in this accident. Out of 5, 2 victims passed away. On the other side, 3 victims had injuries in this accident. The crash between the parking truck and the car happened when the car driver hit the parking truck. As a result, this car crash resulted in a devastating outcome.

    Car from Murthal to Delhi Crashes

    As per the police reports, this crash took place on Sunday, 12th June 2022. It was around 05:00 AM when the clash between the parking truck and the car happened. The police officers have cleared that the car accident might be the result of drinking alcohol. The names of the victims who have lost their lives in this accident are Sachin Sapra and Ram Kumar. The truck was parked on a side in Swaroop Nagar, Delhi. All of a sudden, a car hit the backside of the truck and the accident resulted in the death of two and three giving some injuries. This case of accident has been covered by many news networks including the regional news networks and national news networks.

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    This news has startled people with mind-blowing reactions who witnessed this accident. police sent the samples of the driver of the car so that they may get to know if the driver was drunk. May God give the souls of all the victims of this car accident, who lost their lives in this accident, a place to rest in peace.

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