Chicago: 2 killed, 4 Wounded in Shooting at Indiana Nightclub CCTV Video Footage

    It seems like Chicago will soon turned out to be a gangland because people of the city are not even thinking for once before pulling the trigger back. Just after typing Chicago you will get all the news about the city and the most surprising this is, you will hardly find something proud making kind of news on the word because there is only news of crime if you search for Chicago on the web. Be here till the end to know that recently happened shooting in the city.

    Well, another day another crime news from Chicago has spread a wave of fear among the residence of the city. However, the city has been through several shootings this weekend but we are right now talking about the shooting at an Indiana nightclub on Sunday, where around two people were killed while four others got injured massively. Responding to the calls officers reached at the spot at midnight, when several shots fired around 2 AM in Gary, southeast of Chicago. The police in a statement said that they found two people massively injured having gunwounds and when officials reached the spot they found two unresponsive.

    Shooting at Indiana Nightclub

    According to the reports a man and a woman, where the 34 years old man close to the entrance of the club and a 26 years old lady was found inside of the club. Later both were rushed to the local hospital where they declared dead. Police officials have stated that still 4 other people have been injured whereeas one is in the critical situation. Although, it is yet to known that who pulled the trigger and what led them to shoot. You must be in the swim that it was not only case that happened in the city but in other parts of the city some other deadly shooting had occured.

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    Recently, on Friday, two young men who are supposed to be in their 20s were killed in separate incidents where a 25-year-old man succumbed to his gunshot wound at the University of Chicago Medical Center while another one who is supposed to be 26-year had been succumbed to his death at the Stroger Hospital. Now, as the situation of the city is going so saying this won’t be bad that crime rate in the city has been risen in past few months and since the year has started we have scrolled so many news about Chicago and most of the times 9 out of 10 are only about gunshots. Stay connected for more updates.

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