Chennai: Mother Allows her Lover Rape Her Minor Daughter, Two Arrested Details

    A woman in Chennai has been arrested by the police for allowing her lover to rape her minor daughter. This news has made all the mothers get full of wrath for the accused woman. The news has been covered by a number of media personalities. As the girl was a minor, the suspect man has been charged with the POCSO act and he will be trialled in the court under the POCSO act. This is such a story that will make all the readers fill with doubt if the victim girl is the real daughter who is claiming herself to be the mother of the victim.

    As per the media sources, the mother of the victim was in love with a man who was 50-year-old. But the old man liked the victim who was a school student. One day, the accused man raped the victim and impregnated her. The mother was knowing this incident but she did not inform the police and hid her child for months. The police have expressed that the child was delivered by the mother of the victim inside her bathroom so that no one may get to know about this incident.

    Mother Allows her Lover Rape Her Minor Daughter

    The incident came to the knowledge of the police and the public when the baby of the victim got sick and they had to take the baby to a Health Care Center. In the Heath Care Cneter, the woman was asked for her Aadhar Card so that they may get to know about the registration of the birth of the baby. The staff of the Health Care had some suspicion on the woman after checking the reports of the baby. The Health Care Center informed the police and shared the details of the woman with the police so that they may approach the residence of the woman for the investigation.

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    The Police got to know about the minor girl who was forcefully not only detained inside the house but also raped and impragnated by the old man. The girl was also forcefully married to the same man who had raped her in her house. The police also got to know that the mother of the girl had knowledge about it as she delivered the daughter’s child on 1st May 2022. The girl was an 11th class student but she was stopped from continuing her education. All the incident was concealed from the neighbours and also other relatives of the girl. The mother has been arrested and the man has been charged with the POCSO act.

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