Cell addiction: Two users out of 3 are besotted with smartphones

    Hyderabad: The coronavirus crisis has brought unprecedented changes in people’s lives. Due to the coronavirus fear most of the people were passing the time in their homes which led to 2 out of every 3 smartphone users becoming addicted to the cell.

    The Norton Lifelock – cyber security organization – has conducted a cyber safety survey across the world wherein 66% Indians took part in the survey.

    In addition to the work and education, 82% participants admitted to pass 4.4 hours more online.

    The online survey was conducted where 1000 Indians took part.

    In the survey, out of every 10 persons, 8 admitted that they remain online in addition to their work and education for more time due to which 74% admitted that their physical health is being affected while 55% admitted that their mental health is at risk.

    About 76% told that they have decreased their online time to go out to meet their friends.

    The survey also threw up some more interesting facts. About 82% acknowledged that the password is the name of their wives, children, or their date of births.

    Those who make names as passwords constitute 68% of this survey. While 58% of those surveyed said that they made their date of birth as passwords.

    As for the Wi-Fi router, 72% said that they change their routers’ password once a year while 26% said they change their routers’ password once a month. And 9% said that they do not change routers’ passwords.

    About 85% of those participating in the survey said that they have never spoken about cyber safety with their children.

    About 75% admitted that it is difficult for them to save their children from online risks and 80% said that it is necessary to provide cyber safety information to their children.

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