BMW Catch Fire: Narrow Escape for Driver as BMW Car Catches Fire on Lucknow-Varanasi Highway Video Viral

    A burning BMW in Varanasi, Lucknow sought the attention of people last Saturday. This accident has resulted in shocking people because BMW is expected to be a safe car. Now, people are willing to know about the cause of this accident because of the brand of the car. As far as we know, the incident of catching fire in a BMW. This mishap took place on Saturday, 11th June 2022 in Varanasi, Lucknow. The driver of the BMW car jumped from his car while the car had caught fire. The car ran for a certain amount of time with fire. Consequently, the local people of the accident area used barricades to save the people from the burning BMW.

    The accident has been covered by not only the media personalities but also a number of social media users. As a result, the video of the burning BMW is viral on the internet. this video is roaming all across social media. People are not only watching but also being stirred while watching this viral video of the burning BMW. This accident resulted in creating trouble for the local people as the accident made them scared. No sooner did the driver of the BMW realize that the car had caught fire than he jumped from the car. People used barricades to signal people about the burning BMW throughout the road the car was passing across.

    BMW Catch Fire Video

    As far as we know, the police have not revealed the name of the driver of the car. But the police have expressed that the driver was the owner of the car who was going to get the car serviced. Suddenly, the driver of the car realized that the engine of the car got locked and also the engine of the car started releasing smoke. As a result, the driver of the car feared the circumstances. Thereafter, he jumped from the car.

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    From the media reports, it has been claimed that the name of the driver of the burning BMW is Mohammad Irfan. He was going to get his car serviced but the car caught fire meanwhile. This was so unfortunate accident that people do not think of most. The driver of the car is safe and the car did not make anyone face injury. More details related to this news will be updated on the internet as soon as possible.

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