Big Punisher’s Boomerang Lyrics

    Niggaz is flossin so much, time to begin extortin the plot Just a portion of prod’ off the highest for my Porsche and my yacht Somethin for the cops to maintain em blind, so we will crime with piece of thoughts, flip the important thing and shine with out bein down Time to increase, New York to Chicago, Colorado You know my motto, clock G’s and rock keys like Drago Pablo Escobar and Dom Perignon We’re buyin out the bar, with Don Juan, and each girl’s Shawn Dawn-ing Long donging em down like Shawn Michael does and I’m like a pyscho fuckin suckin the butt like liposuction Up and down with the tongue tornado, c’mon on sister Big Pun’s used to cock and squeeze like a gun tester Crushin sister’s backs with the demon snap, hit you from the again Close your eyes chill out, let me feed the cat Livin fats, true mack, niggaz was catchin emotions Dealing with a smaller deck it simply wasn’t as mass interesting I began feeling humorous, niggaz comin quick with cash I referred to as my Son he informed me chill he’d be over with twenty Punny what’s the deal, niggaz wanna kill me He stated it’s actual, they jealous and uninterested in seein me Willie foolish Had extra to say, niggaz throwin shit within the sport Gave my spouse some photos with me and bitches runnin the prepare It’s like a dream, I referred to as my group and began flippin Lock the clip in began liftin niggaz off the bottom like a magician I skipped city, be again round when issues calm down I misplaced the conflict for now nevertheless it’ll take extra to carry me down

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    “Top of the world ma! Ha ha, top of the world!”


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    Big Punisher’s Boomerang Lyrics


    Yo, that is the unhealthy time – boomerang, carry all of it again Flashback, livin prosper’, eat nicely and get fats I used to be Pop Dula, common to the lots I miss the E-Classes, ?driving? sport with def glasses Rock backside struck and threw my world off it’s axis Boomerang – plan to come back again like Bronx rap Storm just like the Redcoats by means of something in my path First you shine like sterling, then you definately broke like ?Rick and Burley?

    [Big Punisher] Now ought to I slit my wrists, go for all of it or name it quits Picture me taking my life, leaving my spouse and my daughter shit Wish I may slip again, and change the reminiscences Lift the felonies from my file I revered my enemies Live just like the Kennedy’s, above the regulation, fuck em all I’m coming for the wealthy thieving em even when I wasn’t poor I seen all of it like I stated earlier than The streets are for males at conflict and the beasts are the predators I shed all of it first ?and beat a prob each supply? Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss Just as a result of, the rationale I depart em misplaced within the sauce Teein off like we up North only for bein mushy A crushed horse like a slave gettin minimal wage Fillin the gauge, entrance web page, these are the final days Cash pays, and guidelines – the basis of all evil Shootin amigos for lootin perrico pollutin our individuals Movin kilos prefer it’s all good, by means of each ghetto I ain’t judgin, however buggin how we floss so many ranges The satan’s received us by the balls, that’s why the regulation permits the medicine to overflood, knowin we gonna purchase all of it It’s time to name a world order the place each woman’s your daughter and priceless as ices and pearls recent out the water I’m gonna get mine, both from crime, or by means of the bible Whichever manner, you higher pay, I’m feelin suicidal

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