Best Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft and Vandalism

    Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular and more expensive as more and more people prefer this mode of transport. Motorcycles have evolved from rudimentary bicycles equipped with motors to the sophisticated machines they are today. Each year in the evolution saw more and more capabilities, features, and accessories get added, resulting in the modern motorcycle that costs a substantial amount of money. This phenomenon has brought with it a significant problem; theft and vandalism. Unlike cars and other four-wheelers, vagabonds find it relatively easier to steal a bike because it is easy to transport, has a compact shape, and is lighter. What’s even more, a vast majority of motorcycle owners rely on the standard steering wheel lock, which has turned out to be no deterrent to thievery and vandalism. The NICB reports that around 900,000 bikes are stolen annually, and the number is increasing. Criminals either go for bikes or the high-quality accessories most come with these days because they have a high resale value. The following list of measures and precautions should go a long way in ensuring your bike is not a part of the statistics.

    Motor Cycle Locks

    Motorcycle thefts are becoming darker and more brazen. Thieves nowadays come equipped with bolt-cutters because they know they are likely to encounter locks on their targets. This is why any anti-theft system you go with has to be robust, especially if you use the traditional U-locks or chains. Any choice you go with has to be able to withstand a prolonged attack by a bolt cutter. With that, most experts advise you to protect your possession in two ways or more, both mechanically and electronically. This is to ensure your prized bike is extra secure in case of attempted theft. There are several locks you can choose from.

    GPS trackers – A GPS tracker should be a standard feature on your motorcycle as it allows you to track its location in case of theft. However, criminals know about this device, so you should ensure it is hidden as well as possible. Trackers are only useful in open spaces as thick walls block their signals.

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    Disc locks – these locks are especially effective when coupled with alarm systems. Firstly, brake disc locks are very difficult to remove as all components are made from hardened steel, and secondly, any breaking attempt triggers a loud alarm that alerts everybody in the environment of the attempt.

    Alarm systems – many bikes today come with an electronic immobilizer. Those that do not can be fitted with one. Immobilizers are especially good as they can only be turned off with the bike’s original key. This is the only way to switch off this device, and all others will be futile. You can supplement your immobilizer with a shock sensor that will sound an alarm if thieves try to vandalize the bike. The sensor’s sensitivity can also be varied depending on where you are parked. Just ensure your purchase is compatible with whatever alarm system you have installed.

    U Locks – This is one of the best solutions in the market because they are extremely difficult to cut or break. U locks come in various sizes, so you should assess where you park before deciding on a purchase. The U part must fit snugly to eliminate any space where things like bolt cutters can fit. The best use is to attach the motorcycle and lock it to an anchor point.

    Chain locks – this is the most practical solution. Experts recommend you use chain locks with U-locks. Chain locks are lighter than U locks, so they are easy to break. However, the quality has increased, and their length and flexibility allow for easier use and security.

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    Your bike’s security starts with common sense and keen awareness. Riding in or to places with high theft occurrences should evoke a careful consideration of where you will be parking. Always be aware of what is happening around you and adapt accordingly. This is true even if you keep your bike indoors. Make sure to respond to any occurrences. For instance, you should add more security to your garage if several break-ins have occurred recently in your neighborhood or add another security accessory if vandalism has increased.

    Motorcycle Covers

    The easiest and best way to pump up your motorcycle is by acquiring a cover. This upgrade offers multiple benefits too. Covers not only keep your bike clean and dry, but they obscure it from view. The average thief will not know what is concealed underneath, especially if you use a cover big enough to hide the wheels. It is important that you acquire a plain cover as it implies the covered bike is also plain. Using a branded cover will only alert thieves to the quality of the machine you are trying to protect. Covers are especially important if you park in areas visible from a distance as they keep the bike from receiving unwanted attention. You can amp the security offered by your cover by getting a cover lock.

    Apps and Tracking Devices

    These are several post-theft tools to protect against the worst-case scenario. These come in handy when the thief has managed to get away with the bike. Applications and trackers will allow you to see where your bike is located or headed in real-time. You can then alert authorities and enlist their help in recovering your bike. Just make sure you use tools and solutions from reputable vendors that have the requisite skills and experience.

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    There is always somebody lying around or close by. It’s time to build good neighborhood relations. You can enlist the help of your neighbors whenever you are parked. Neighbors will keep an eye on your bike and alert you of theft or deter the thief. Thieves are always on the lookout for whose watching, so they are likely to stay away from your bike if they see it receiving attention from the people around.


    Never park your bike in front of your house. Visibility is one of the most important factors in keeping your machine safe. Keep your bike indoors as much as possible. Further, you should add an additional barrier between your bike and the garage door if you don’t ride frequently. A garage will give you the added benefit of keeping your bike clean and dry.


    Prevention is the best protection you can offer your bike. Always ensure you have taken the proper precautions to keep your bike safe from theft and vandalism. The first step is to use common sense and awareness. Do not park your bike in unsafe areas, and do not leave the key in the ignition. Also, enlist the help of neighbors or park your bike in areas with a significant amount of traffic as that will deter thieves because of an increased chance of getting caught. Equip your bike with a cover and use the different locks mentioned above and tracking devices. Some of these measures are more effective and impactful than others, but it is always best to use them in combination. Combine as many measures as possible to keep your bike properly protected. Motorcycles are often the gateway to unrestricted travel and movement, so it is imperative that you give them as much protection as possible.

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