Bengal Teen Dies in Tiffin Bomb Explosion Video Goes Viral on Social Media Explained!

    The news of a bomb blast is coming from the North 24 Parganas District in West Bengal. The incident occurred on Saturday, 13th May 2022. As far as we know, the discussed bomb was a tiffin bomb which exploded near Kolkata. If we talk about the number of casualties, there has been the death of a child in this bomb blast. The news of this blast has gotten the attention of people from all across the world. People are willing to know about this incident as the incident has threatened the people to such an extent that people cannot help thinking of this incident.

    All the people who have witnessed this incident will never be able to forget this bomb blast incident throughout their life. As far as the primary victim of this blast is concerned, his name is Shekh Sahil. Shekh Sahil was a 17-year-old boy. He was accustomed to living with his grandfather. His grandfather was a rag-picker in West Bengal. The child keeping some items collected by his grandfather. As far as we know, he was opening a tiffin therein it was a bomb. As soon as he opened the tiffin, the bomb exploded.

    Bengal Teen Dies in Tiffin Bomb Explosion

    In this incident, Shekh Sahil was the only casualty who was severely injured in this blast. May God give his soul a place in Heaven to rest in peace. As a result, he was rushed to a hospital. Although he was taken to a hospital yet he succumbed to his injury. The 24 Parganas Police Department is investigating this incident. As of now, there has not been any arrest in this case; however, it is expected that the police must nab the suspect of this bomb blast as soon as possible. As per the information given by the police officers, the grandfather of the child had asked the child to open and check the steel tiffin.

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    The name of the grandfather of Shekh Sahil is Abdul Hamid. He was a reg-picker who had collected a pile of garbage at his house. They were checking the garbage at their residence. On the account of this bomb blast, the West Bengal Police have become more alert so that they may arrest all the suspects related to this incident. This tiffin explosion may be a sign of any further attack on the state. Therefore, the people have been requested to inform all the affirmative details to the police department so that the police may stop any future attack.

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