Andrew Symonds dead and obituary, Australian cricket great – cause of death

    Andrew Symonds was one of the most entertaining one-day cricketers I had the pleasure to watch during my childhood and into my teenage years. Probably the batsman who would best fit the definition of ‘fearless’ at the crease. Terrible to hear of his death this morning. RIP.

    Aggressive with the stick, very agile on the field, and seemingly dangerous in possession, Andrew Symonds is the ultimate limited overpack. Although his career did not last long, his performances in international cricket were enough to impress. As Australia’s outright match-winner, he even shrugged off the limited over-specialist tag, making a surprise appearance in Test cricket, where he again produced some impressive performances. For someone so talented, only his own death could derail things, and that’s why Symonds’ career ended long before it was expected. The sensation Ricky Ponting once declared that Symonds was the greatest outfield player he had ever seen.

    A native Englishman, Symonds set a deafening tone for his skill when he broke a first-class record with 16 sixes in a single inning in 1995 and a staggering 254. . This makes people sit up and pay attention. Originally born in Birmingham to West Indian and European parents, Symonds was brought to Australia by his adoptive parents. He could choose to represent England or even the West Indies if he wanted to, but he insisted on representing Australia, although he continued to play cricket with Sheffield Hield. The limited edition debuted in 1998, but it appears to be fragmented on the international stage. Of course he’s more talented than that, as his performances at home show, but somehow Symonds can’t pull together on the international stage.

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    Symonds paced on those foundations for the next few years until the final turning point, the 2003 World Cup. His choice was hotly debated, not only because of the plethora of inconsistencies he had shown up until then, but also because many believed the more experienced Steve Waugh (who was eliminated a year ago) would be the ideal choice. Captain Ricky Ponting persevered, however, and Symonds didn’t let his captain down as he played very well with a few priceless shots. This is the big breakthrough he desperately needs and it can be said that he has established himself in international cricket.

    Symonds earned him a Test debut in 2004 with limited overshoot success, but it was a rough start for him. The first few years were tough for him, but he’s gradually gotten better thanks to the strong support of the team’s management, who are looking for a true all-rounder. Symonds wasn’t exactly that, at least for the Cricket Test, but he did spend several years at this level, mostly as a batsman, able to make big breakthroughs and pull off amazing catches. However, aside from the arguments on the pitch, disciplinary issues continued to plague him, the biggest of which was the infamous spat between Sydney and Habajan Singh. Attitude issues led to Symonds being fired multiple times from the team, most recently for a drinking problem at the 2009 World T20, which resulted in his state contract being suspended.

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