Andrew Bennett Arrested: Why Was Gogglebox Star Andrew Bennett Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

    Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett was accused of harassing a teenager and was arrested later. Andrew is a former star of the channel4 show Google box. Everyone knows him and likes him for his work. But the recent thing he didn’t turn out to be good. He was taken in charge of assaulting a boy and raping him. The actor committed the crime of raping a minor, a teenager. Andrew allegedly took selfies with the boy and then initially was sweet to him. Later he showed his cruel side and left the boy in tears. When the case came out, it was revealed that the actor raped the boy and forcefully had intimacy with the boy. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Andrew Bennett Arrested

    The boy was an innocent teenager and was devastated by what happened. Firstly he took pictures of himself with the boy, then he slowly started to touch the boy inappropriately. He then moved his hands towards the boy’s private area and gave him hickeys. When the boy denied he forcefully pushed himself on the boy. Though the actor was repeatedly denied the charges after being caught. The actor was arrested for assaulting and raping a child. When asked about it, the actor said that he was on the vile of slimming drugs.

    Why Was Gogglebox Star Andrew Bennett Arrested? Reason

    The police took arrested him despite he was denying the charges. When a DNA report came out it was clear that the boy was raped, as the report said that the boy had DNA samples of the actor in his body. The boy when asked said to the local media that he was doing fine, but the horror of being assaulted and the terrific rape scenes will remain in his mind for a lifetime. When asked about his sexuality, the boy answered he was straight and not gay. Bennett was charged and accused of rape and he was sentenced to 29 months of jail and was asked to sign the sex offenders register.

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    Andrew Bennett All Charges & Allegations

    Clearly, an impact was laid on the boy’s mind and he will be left with those dirty and terrific memories for a lifetime. What Bennett did might have been influenced by him being on drugs or maybe he had drugs at that time but the consequence that the boy had to face was crucial. The boy might have to deal with more problems ahead, as people will come to know about the incident and certainly in schools, these kinds of cases and children who went through these kinds of assaults will be bullied.

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