Adam Lind’s Ex Lashes Out Over ‘Ugly’ & ‘Ignorant’ Comments

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    The former “Teen Mom 2” personality blasted “bulls***” that people were spewing online.

    Former “Teen Mom 2” personality Taylor Halbur Leonard blasted “bulls***” that people were spewing online in a tweet posted on April 17.

    Halbur, who married husband Joe Leonard in 2018, might have been hinting at her situation with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. The former welcomed their daughter, Paislee, in 2013 — but Lind signed away his parental rights to his youngest daughter in 2018. Paislee was 5 at the time.

    Lind still maintains his rights to 12-year-old Aubree, the daughter he shares with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Houska. Like Leonard, Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer, has expressed interest in adopting Aubree.

    Halbur shared a picture of a statement she seemingly wrote on a notes app and tweeted, “I can’t with people.”

    “Read some bullshit ignorant comment tonight about ‘No matter how bad life is, at least I didn’t have a child with ‘said person,’” the message said.

    “All I can say is DO.F******.BETTER. No matter the situation, that child is a blessing. And just because one may not be an ideal parent, does NOT define the child,” Halbur wrote.

    “So making s*** bag comments like that show how disrespectful and ignorant you are.. and I pray for people like you. You see from one perspective, the outside,” she continued. “Stop and think before you make comments like that. Your ugly is showing.”

    Halbur Tries to Get Aubree & Paislee Together

    Lind might not have legal rights over Paislee, Halbur and Houska make an effort for the half-sisters to see each other.

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    “With Covid and everything, it threw a wrench in everybody’s schedules,” Halbur told The Sun in December 2020. “I know Chelsea and I, especially during wintertime and the school time, our schedules are so busy. And then with Covid on top of it, we aren’t able to get them together as often as we would like at this point.”

    “Eventually we’ll get back to that place where we’ll be able to get the girls together at the park or movies,” Halbur continued. “Once all the Covid stuff dies down I think it’ll be a lot easier.”

    DeBoer Is ‘Ready’ to Adopt Aubree

    Even though Lind maintains the parental rights to Aubree, DeBoer has continued to express interest in adopting Aubree.

    “I have my pen ready,” DeBoer wrote on social media in 2018, according to In Touch Weekly. 

    “I would do it right now if she wants to,” DeBoer said the following year during an episode of “Teen Mom 2,” per In Touch Weekly. “I would never make her do anything.”

    “I feel like the best for her would be if [Adam] was just completely out of the picture instead of in and out hurting her,” Houska added, per In Touch Weekly. “If he came to me and wanted to sign his rights over for Aubree, I would for sure do it… Obviously, Cole wants to adopt her.”

    As shown on “Teen Mom 2,” DeBoer became one of the main father figures in Aubree’s life.

    Since getting with Houska in 2014, DeBoer and Houska have welcomed three children: a 5-year-old son, Watson; a 3-year-old daughter, Layne and a 1-year-old baby girl, Walker June.

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