Accident La Chapelle Rainsouin: Violente Collision Entre Deux Camions à La Chapelle-Rainsouin

    On Monday morning, two heavy goods vehicles collided in La Chapelle-Rainsouin (Mayenne), the Accident La Chapelle Rainsouinwas too serious and harsh, and the people in the vehicle were seriously injured. They were taken to the hospital, where one of the men was pronounced and declared dead by doctors, while the other men were treated under the supervision of a number of doctors who provided the best treatment for the injuries he sustained during the accident. Nearby residents who witnessed the accident raced to the scene to determine what had occurred and to assist in the rescue of the victims, after which they informed the police and emergency services of the disaster. They arrived later and began investigating the reason of the accident, as well as lowering the number of persons involved in the disaster by transporting them to the hospital. Stay tuned to our page and blog for the most up-to-date facts and details on the accident.

    The whole accident happened in La Chapelle-Rainsouin (Mayenne) in the morning of Monday at around 08:30 AM where two heavy goods vehicles collided, in which the two occupants in the vehicle sustained serious injuries, one of whom died, and the other who was involved in the accident sustained minor injuries and is under the observation of doctors in the hospital. The accident was really a dangerous and harsh accident that happened on the spot.

    Accident La Chapelle Rainsouin

    The police officials and the emergency services have also arrived at the spot along with numerous rescuers who were sent to the spot and in particular to release one of the two drivers, who was seriously injured and the victim is aged around 51 and was taken of by the SMUR to the CH de Laval and on the other hand, the second was aged between 19 years old was slightly injured and was also taken to Laval hospital.

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    After the accident, the traffic on the RD20 is cut in all directions and to evacuate the two heavy goods vehicles and also, a deviation is set up by the RD24 and the RD57 which is advisable to avoid the area. The Accident La Chapelle Rainsouin was too dangerous and the two trucks involved are an empty tank semi-trailer and an animal transport truck and the latter contained 52 sheep, all of which are unharmed. Stay tuned with us for more information and details about the accident.

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