5 Ways to Delete All Tweets on Twitter Free and Fast

    Foto: Pixabay – Method delete all tweets on Twitter can be done with free and fast. Now, users no longer have to waste time to do it manually one by one.

    Summarized from various sources, here’s how to delete all tweets on Twitter with the following sites:


    TwitWipe provides access to delete all tweets easily and for free. Just go to twitwipe.comlogin through your Twitter account, then click “TwitWipe!”

    Then all your tweets will be deleted. In addition to deleting tweets, you can also choose to delete likes.

    Delete All Tweets

    Visit the Delete All Tweets site at on your device. Then click the Sign in with Twitter button to enter your Twitter account

    Then click the Authorize app button to start deleting all your tweets.


    Go to site Then click the Sign in with Twitter button. After logging in using your account, select the Delete options option. Then click Delete all tweets.

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    This service, allows to delete tweets by week, month, and year as desired.

    How, users can follow these steps; open tweetdelete.netthen sign in to your Twitter account.

    If you want to delete all tweets, hanya perlu centang “Delete all
    these existing tweets before activating this schedule”.


    After logging in through your Twitter account, you can choose to delete tweets or likes.

    Furthermore, you can also enter keywords and dates to make it easier to find tweets that will be deleted.

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    However, the site was only able to delete the last 3,200 tweets. So if you have more than that number of tweets, it’s better to use another alternative site.


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