YoWhatsApp 2022 Apk Download (Free Themes and Emojis)

    YoWhatsApp – Currently, many developers continue to develop WhatsApp applications, because of the increasing number of these applications. The many circulating WhatsApp Mod applications that you can find on the internet, is one proof of the best-selling WA application.

    Well, if you’re looking for the best WA mod, then you can try it YoWhatsApp 2022. But you need to download YoWhatsApp on the provider’s web because it is not an official application, and is not available on the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, because later you will be given a link to download YoWhatsApp.

    About YoWhatsApp 2021?

    YoWhatsApp is WhatsApp that has been modified, and is widely used especially in Indonesia. This application, which is often referred to as YoWA, was first developed by an application developer named Yousef Al-Basha.

    However, over time, Yousef Al-Basha has decided not to continue the development of this mod application. And now, the development of YoWahtsApp has been continued by several developers with their respective versions.

    It can be said, the average of all versions YoWhatsApp quite good. However, there are two versions of YoWA that are considered the best, namely the HyMods version and Fouad Mokdad. Actually, there are also no significant differences between the two versions of WhatsApp, both in terms of appearance and features.

    YoWhatsApp 2022 Features

    If you use a modified application, then the part that needs to be the main concern is the features it has. Of course, YoWhatsApp comes with some dancing features that are not found in the original WhatsApp application. Well, below are some of the features of YoWA.

    1. Variety of Emoji Options


    As is well known, the number of emoji in the original WA application is quite large and varied. But do you realize, if these various emojis are familiar and feel boring? Therefore, the developer has also provided a solution to this problem with the YoWhatsApp application.

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    In this WA mod application, there are even more cool, cute, and varied emojis. With a large selection of emoji, chatting with friends will feel more fun and far from boring.

    2. Many Theme Options


    In the original version of the WhatsApp application, there are only two choices of themes that can be used. Namely the standard green theme and the dark theme or dark mode. Of course, this will make the use of the WA application feel monotonous and boring.

    However, this YoWhatsApp application provides many other interesting themes to try. You can choose one of the themes as you wish. Not only that, there is no time limit on changing the theme. So you can change themes from one to another at any time.

    3. The Last Seen feature is hidden


    Last Seen is a feature that shows when the user was last online or opened the WhatsApp application. Well, not a few users think that this feature seems to interfere with privacy and want to disable it.

    Don’t worry, this problem can be solved with the Freeze Last Seen feature owned by YoWhatsApp. So you can set a fake last seen in the WA application. You can set your own time, be it yesterday, last week, or any time according to your desired date.

    4. Sending Large-Sized Videos


    When you send a video via the original version of the WA application, the maximum size of the video that can be sent is only 100 MB. Surely this will feel very uncomfortable, because the video files produced on today’s cellphones are on average large and can even be more than 100 MB.

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    But you don’t have to worry anymore, because YoWhatsApp allows sending videos with a much larger size. By using this application, you can send videos up to 700 MB in size.

    5. No Root Access Needed


    The average modified application requires root access so that it can run on the cellphone smoothly. But not with this YoWhatsAPp. You can install and use YoWA without rooting your cellphone first. So the risk of damage to HP due to root access can be avoided.

    6. YoWhatsApp Security Features


    Of course, it will feel very uncomfortable when someone else accidentally opens our WhatsApp application. Do you feel it too? If so, then there is a lock feature from YoWhatsApp that can help you deal with it.

    This one feature allows you to lock the WA application using various techniques such as pins, patterns, or fingerprints. Not only in the application, this feature can also be used to lock messages for groups or people who have been determined.

    7. Can’t Delete Messages and Status/Story


    If you want, you can arrange so that every message that enters the WA number cannot be deleted or withdrawn by the person who sent it. So, messages that have been withdrawn can still be known and read. This also applies to WhatsApp status or stories that have been deleted.

    8. Complete Privacy Features


    When compared to the original version of the WhatsApp application, you can say that the privacy settings on YoWhatsApp are much more complete. Some things such as typing status, recording, and so on, you can set as you wish.

    Some of the features mentioned above are only some of the features that this YoWhatsApp mod application has. Apart from these features, there are other features that you will find, such as those below.

    • Chat Facebook Messenger style.
    • Knowing the location of colleagues via WhatsApp.
    • Make video calls with up to 8 participants.
    • Added lots of animated stickers.
    • Real-time filters and stickers during video calls.
    • WA checklist style that can be changed.
    • DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
    • Hide chats.
    • Create a longer state.
    • Hide status view from others.
    • Send photos up to 100 MB in size.
    • Set or filter who can call your WA number.
    • And many other interesting features.
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    Download YoWhatsApp 2021


    After reading and understanding some of the features of YoWhatsApp as described above, of course you want to immediately use this WA mod application, right? Even if it’s not available on the Google Play Store, there’s no need to worry. The following is a link that can be used for YoWhatsApp 2021 download .

    YoWhatsApp latest version link

    Download by HeyMods

    Download Play Store Version

    How to Install YoWhatsApp 2021

    If the APK file from YoWhatsApp 2021 has been successfully downloaded via the link provided, then the next step is to install the APK file. Immediately, here are the steps that need to be done so that YoWA can be used on your cellphone.

    • First, wipe the original WhatsApp application first.
    • Then open Settingsthen enter the menu Security and Accessibility.
    • After that, activate the option Source Unknown.


    • Final, install YoWhatsApp APK file that has been downloaded.

    With YoWhatsApp 2021, of course using this WA application will feel more exciting and fun. Just choose one of the versions of YoWhatsApp and enjoy all the features given in it.

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