Who Is Tasila Lungu and Why Arrested? Parliament Member Appears Before DEC Charges Explained

    Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila Lungu is currently surrounded by the news because the girl recently was called to appear before DEC (Drug Enforcement Commission). If you have not read the news about her so we would like to let you know that she is also getting viral and becoming the talk of the town because the girl belongs to a renowned family in the region. Her father was the 6th president of Zambia and this is also a big reason that she is being surrounded by the news.

    According to the sources it came to known that the girl was elected to be a member of Parliament for Chawama but since the news broke that she was involved in some cases so it is being assumed or better say talked that the girl was involved in some of the drug cases and also money laundering, therefore, her name is kept jumping in the headlines. However, she is in court and her followers or better say supporters are saying that she did not do it on her own but her opponent may have made it all up. Believing to the sources it came to know that the girl was recently booked by the DEC’s money laundering unit so that she will be interrogated.

    Who Is Tasila Lungu?

    If you are not in the swim of her father so we would like to let you know that Tasila Lung, an individual from parliament for Chawama, was called to DEC since they thought he was laundering cash. The examination is continuing at present, and the subtleties will come out not long after her next trial on June 10. She removed the air in the wake of quarreling over the spending plan on Head 101 in December of a year ago.

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    Since it was taken from an old archive, it was against the Constitution. Well, it is not the first time when a big name has been surrounded by the news but before this, there were plenty of other names have been through the same. Another thing that she is being surrounded by is, that she was recently elected as MP. On the internet, it is being talked about that it can be the work of her opponents who are trying to ruin her image so that she will not be serving as MP. Well, much info on the case is yet to be announced so be with us to know more.

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