Who Is Oskar Sala Wife Kathe? Google Doodle Remembers The Pioneer Of Music From Germany

    In this article, we will read about “Who Is Oskar Sala Wife Kathe? Google Doodle Remembers The Pioneer Of Music From Germany

    On the anniversary of his birth, people are talking about Oskar Sala, a pioneer in electronic music who liked to travel with his wife Kathe.

    Oskar was a scientist, a composer, and a musician. He played the Trautonium, an instrument that could make many different sounds. Dr. Friedrich Trautwein invented the instrument. Sala went on to become an expert in Trautonium, just like he had done before.

    Oskar didn’t show up much at the concerts. He worked on Mixtur-Trautonium and Quartett-Trautonium for the rest of his life. He also got a license to play these instruments all over the world.

    Who is Kathe, Oskar Sala’s wife?

    Before he went back into the public eye, Sala was married to his travel partner, Kathe.

    They had been to Italy, Greece, Egypt, and the United States. The scientist loved spending time with his wife, and they had a lot of fun on vacations together.

    Kathe died of natural causes in 1999.

    Sala kept making new music and sounds for different kinds of music after 1988. He set up his music studio in Berlin and wrote music for movies like Different from You and Me, Rosemary, Das Indische Grabmal, and The Birds.

    He didn’t win an Oscar, but he was honored by being named a Senator of Berlin. Because of his work in German commercials for HB, he has also been called “HB’s little man.”

    Learn More About Oskar Sala Information about kids and family

    Sala was born in Greiz, Thuringia, to a family with a history of music.

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    Paul, his father, was an eye doctor. Annemarie, his mother, was a singer. When he was young, he used to write the music for his movies. Kathe and Oskar had children together and were married for a long time.

    From a very young age, the pioneer used to play classical piano concerts. In 1929, he went to Berlin to study composition with Paul Hindemith, who was a singer.

    Sala played the Trautonium when the two played at the Berlin Musikhochschule.

    How much money did Oskar Sala have when he died?

    Sala was known for his unique compositions, and when he died, he was worth more than $10 million.

    Oskar went to the University of Berlin and was a well-known graduate. In 1935, he got his Bachelor of Science in Physics degree.

    When he decided to add electronic percussions to the Trautonium and play it, he won a number of awards.

    Alfred Hitchcock thought the sounds made by the Trautonium were very cool. He asked Sala to make the scary sounds that were not music for the horror movie The Birds.

    Learn More About Oskar Sala Information about kids and family

    Google Doodle Tribute To Oskar Sala

    On Oskar Sala’s 112th birthday, Google doodle paid tribute to him as a physicist and composer.

    Sala was born on July 18, 1910. He died on February 26, 2002, when he was 92 years old. He would be 112 years old today if he had lived.

    In its most recent doodle, Google paid tribute to the German composer of electronic music.

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    “The work he did with electronic music led to the start of the field of subharmonics. He became a one-man orchestra through his hard work and creativity.” “Happy birthday, Oskar Sala!” reads the message on the Google Doodle page.

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