‘When Calls the Heart’ Exec Hints at Big Elizabeth & Jack Moment in Season 10

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    The showrunner for Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” recently revealed that the show will have to address a loose end in Elizabeth and Jack’s story if it’s renewed for season 10. The loose end is directly connected to GAC Family’s “When Hope Calls” spinoff special that aired in December, when Jack’s ghost visited Abigail.

    Jack’s Secret Message for Elizabeth Will Have to be Addressed if the Show Is Renewed

    On the special back-to-back Christmas episodes of “When Hope Calls,” Jack’s ghost visited Abigail and revealed a secret, bittersweet message for Elizabeth. Now John Tinker, the “When Calls the Heart” showrunner, has revealed that this big moment is going to have to be addressed somehow if “When Calls the Heart” is renewed.

    In season 9 episode 2 of “When Calls the Heart,” Henry revealed that he and Abigail had not only been writing to each other, but he went to see her during the break between season 8 and season 9. Elizabeth mentioned to Henry that Abigail told her she really appreciated his visit.

    However, the big elephant in the room for fans is that during the “When Hope Calls” spinoff in December, Jack’s ghost appeared to Abigail. He gave her a bittersweet message for Elizabeth that she promised to deliver, but so far hasn’t. And considering that Abigail and Elizabeth write all the time, it seems odd that she hasn’t learned about that paranormal event yet.

    In an interview with “When Calls the Heart” fans on YouTube, showrunner John Tinker recapped season 9 episode 2 and took a brief segue to discuss that special message and what might happen in the future with it.

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    “I do think in some fashion, should we go to season 10, we need to address the message that … Jack gave Abigail,” he said. “Somehow that’s going to have to be conveyed in a filling, satisfying way… That’s to be a bridge driven off when we get to it, if we should get picked up.”

    He didn’t elaborate beyond that. But it does look like season 10 will somehow reveal Elizabeth finally receiving Jack’s final message for her.

    Tinker Also Said They Had Hoped to Somehow Film Henry & Abigail’s Meeting

    In the same interview, Tinker said they wanted to film Henry and Abigail’s meeting, but it didn’t work out.

    “We were hoping to shoot a little something, but we just practically couldn’t make it happen,” Tinker said. “I think in all of the writers’ minds, we have a different notion of what happened when the two of them met. Here’s what all of the writers agree on: It was too brief for Henry for sure. And that Abigail wasn’t able to break away, at least not at that moment.”

    He added that Elizabeth and Henry have developed a special friendship, but Abigail can never be replaced.

    “And now rather than just writing to Abigail, Elizabeth sort of has become a go-between between the two of them and it’s really lovely, they have a very special relationship,” Tinker said. “She’s almost stepped in a bit, for me anyway, as a surrogate Abigail. But it’s clear to all of us, because of the writing that’s preceded that episode and the acting, that no one … could ever take Abigail’s place. So we’re hoping to address that…well soon.”

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    Learn more about what Jack’s message for Elizabeth was in Heavy’s story here.

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