WhatsApp Android Beta Version Updates: Media Sharing Limit Raised to 30

WhatsApp for Android Beta Version Updates: WhatsApp recently introduced the support for GIF images back in November last year for the iPhone users. The Android users had to wait for a month more as they received it in December. Now WhatsApp has increased the sharing limit for media sharing from 10 to 30.

This is what is available on the Android Beta WhatsApp app. The WhatsApp beta v2.17.6 for Android introduced the searching for GIF images and their use them in chat conversations. Now there is a new GIF icon appearing at the bottom upon tapping on the emoji icon.

WhatsApp for Android Beta Version Updates: Media Sharing Limit Raised to 30

WhatsApp Android Beta Version Updates: Media Sharing Limit Raised to 30

Once the user opens the option for GIF images there are popular sharing options available on Giphy. The user can search using keywords and even send it out to the user without having to leave the app. There are a few users who are not able to view the Giphy as GIF images search. Some are viewing the GIF search option as TENOR GIF search. First, the team member thought it is due to using the keyboard on Facebook Messenger. However, after removing the Facebook Messenger it still did not show up the Giphy option.

Now sharing the GIF images has become seamless due to the integration of Giphy. Earlier one could share GIFs that were saved directly from the phone. When the GIF support first launched users could also convert live images or videos into quick GIF to share them on WhatsApp. The latest significant change is that the cap at sharing 10 pics at a go through WhatsApp has been raised to 30. Users would love the new updates. Now it is extremely easy to share a bunch of pictures all at once through WhatsApp.

As of now, these new features are available on the Android Beta Version 2.17.6. This would soon arrive for other versions too. You may want to join in Google Play’s WhatsApp beta testing community. This is a great way to check out seamless GIF searching and sharing. Users can also send out photographs in a bulk number all at once.

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