What Happened With Brandy Mcgowan? Check Her Viral Video Pulling Out Knife In Walmart

    A woman named Brandy Mcgowan has been tased and detained by law enforcement in Walmart. The entire footage of the woman has been recorded by the surveillance cameras of the store and even by some of the onlookers. The video is fetching the attention of the netizens on the Internet lately and they are even sharing the clip on other social media platforms making it viral. Well, the unversed are still trying to fetch the information of the details of the circumstances under which the lady named Mcgowan has been tased. Get more information on who is Brandy Mcgowan.

    According to the latest updates, the major reason behind her arrest is the lady was threatening the people in Walmart with a knife. She was strolling randomly with a knife and terrorising other customers inside the store. Other customers are getting afraid of the lady but in between someone informed the police about the terrifying incident and they reached the store. The police officials approached the store and asked the lady to drop her weapon. Police officials tries to handle the situation but she didn’t obey the officers.

    The deputy then decided to tase the Florida woman who was threatening other customers with a knife. She started creating a nuisance after entering the store and started frightening the customer and the staff with a brick but later she brought a knife and started threatening everyone present there. As the police have been informed they arrived at the spot and tased the lady to control her and later took her into custody. After the investigation, the police officer revealed that the lady was high on Meth. The entire incident took place on 30th March 2022.

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    As far as the video gets concerned, the lady named Brandy Mcgowan entered the mall and scared people with the brick. She later opened up her bag and bring out a knife from it and started threatening people on Wednesday last month. The lady had been arrested by Deputy Christopher for creating a disturbance in a public place and threatening people with a deadly weapon.

    The police officer revealed that around 4 grams of methamphetamine were obtained from her a day earlier. After she had been tased she shifted to the hospital and then booked into jail by the Deputy of the area. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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