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    Anime has become one of the most prominent and the most-watched things on the internet, Apart from the web series. Speaking of which, anime is a game-changer for many animators, as many people are getting attracted to the anime world and are interested to watch anime. Anime is getting more attention from the internet users and the world as well. Initiated in Japan, the anime world has seen many changes in its world. Many people who are interested in anime are making their careers in anime and have become the most known animators, just because of anime. Let us discuss one of the anime that is gaining a lot of limelight these days and is getting hyped up as well. Attack on titans has become one of the most-watched and one of the most well-known anime. The anime series has never failed to impress its viewers. The titans and the people who are fighting against it are the most-watched stories and the animations and effects as well have kept the audiences on the edge of their seats. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Con Do Yeager Full Video

    The anime has vivid animations and visuals as well, people on the internet are appreciating the anime and are loving the storyline and the visuals as well. Attack on Titan has a protagonist called Titan Alan Yeager which cannot be ignored as well. This character who is fantastic at fight cannot be ignored, and the character fights with his whole strength. If you are someone who is impressed by the Titans and the Yeager’s character as well, you must be interested in this article. The character is loved by many and many people are fans of this character. Yeager is a member of the Scouts group and the only son of grisa who is also the adoptive brother of Carla jaeger who is a titan.

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    Attack On Titan Anime Storyline & plot

    Yeager lived until 845 and he was born in Shiganshina. Yeager joins the army against the titans when he sees that his mother is killed by a titan and the titan was laughing at that moment. This scene intensifies when Yeager joins the army because he wanted to kill the titans. At that moment when his mother died, he decides to wipe out all the titans. Apart from all the fighting skills Yeager has, he can also shape shift and also has many forms. In his human form, he is a young man with normal height. Yeager always wears a Scout Army uniform and he also has a tunic dark brown with a beige shirt. Speaking of his appearance, he has green eyes, dark brown hair, tanned skin, and wrinkled eyebrows.

    Attack On Titan Eren Yeager Anime Characters

    The character wears a straw ring with a key and he is always seen wearing a belt, shoes, and pants as well. Overall Yeager is a handsome man with extremely dangerous looks, with a height of 15 meters long. His teeth are visible through his mouth, and his teeth are jagged which stops him from pronouncing words correctly. When Yeager becomes a titan he is dangerous and he fought well with the other titans who were loved by fans and they said that they wanted to hug Yeager. The character is loved by many fans and is appreciated as well. Attack on Titans is appreciated and even cosplayed by many people.

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