Travel Semarang Bandung Via Toll Road – How to Succeed in Online Business

    Semarang Bandung Travel Transportation is a complete travel solution while making it easier for people to travel with shuttles. The availability of this one transportation makes people have the option to go to Bandung from the direction of Semarang among various other transportations. Travel Semarang Bandung is not an alternative to travel, but provides convenience, so that it can be the right travel solution.

    Various travel facilities Semarang Bandung

    There are various facilities offered by travel with this one major to passengers as well as being taken into consideration. Consumers will get pick-up facilities according to the address in Semarang, Central Java according to the location that has been submitted at the time of ordering. Next, passengers will get delivery to an address in Bandung, West Java and even to the front of the house.

    Consumers can also still bring their luggage, because free baggage facilities are available to all passengers without exception. The vehicle used is also comfortable because it is equipped with air conditioning facilities and seats in the form of suit seats. Travel is also faster by taking a trip via toll roads or freeways.

    Semarang-Bandung travel pick-up schedule

    As regular transportation to the Flower City from Lumpia City, of course there is a predetermined schedule. Travel departures from Semarang, Central Java are available starting at 19.00 WIB, which means consumers will travel at night. Make sure you as a consumer have prepared your luggage and prepare yourself before the arrival of the vehicle.

    Current travel ticket prices

    The cost that passengers need to pay to take travel transportation in this direction is cheap, which is only IDR 250,000 Moreover, this fee includes shuttle and several other facilities that can be said to be complete.

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    How to book Semarang Bandung travel?

    Booking travel for Semarang Bandung is easy, because consumers can call or send messages via the very popular application, namely Whatsapp. Consumers only need to submit complete order data to the cellphone number of Bintang Raya Travel. It is not wrong if people use inter-city travel transportation as a solution for traveling from Semarang to Bandung or vice versa.

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