‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 Spoilers for Episode 2

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    Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia star on “The Bachelorette.”

    Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are gearing up for their first dates of the season when “The Bachelorette” returns for episode 2.


    In the season 19 premiere, the women made their own rules by canceling the rose ceremony. While they wanted more time with the men, there were three already sent packing – Roby Sobieski and twins Joey and Justin Young.

    The 29 potential suitors remaining are:

    • Alec Garza, 27, Wedding Photographer from Houston, Texas
    • Aven Jones, 28, Sales Executive from San Diego, California
    • Brandan Hall, 23, Bartender from Carlsbad, California
    • Chris Austin, 30, Mentality Coach from Redondo Beach, California
    • Colin Farrill, 36, Sales Director from Chicago, Illinois
    • Erich Schwer, 29, Real Estate Analyst from Bedminster, New Jersey
    • Ethan Kang, 27, Advertising Executive from New York, New York
    • Hayden Markowitz, 29, Leisure Executive from Tampa, Florida
    • Jacob Rapini, 27, Mortgage Broker from Scottsdale, Arizona
    • James Clarke, 35, Meatball Enthusiast from Winnetka, Illinois
    • Jason Alabaster, 30, Investment Banker from Santa Monica, California
    • John Anderson, 26, English Teacher from Nashville, Tennessee
    • Johnny DePhillipo, 25, Realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    • Jordan Helman, 25, Software Developer from Tampa, Florida
    • Jordan Vandergriff, 27, Drag Racer from Alpharetta, Georgia
    • Justin Budfuloski, 32, Physical Therapist from Solana Beach, California
    • Kirk Bryant, 29, College Football Coach from Lubbock, Texas
    • Logan Palmer, 26, Videographer from San Diego, California
    • Mario Vassall, 31, Personal Trainer from Naperville, Illinois
    • Matt Labagh, 25, Shipping Executive from San Diego, California
    • Michael Vaughan 32 Pharmaceutical Salesman from Long Beach, California
    • Nate Mitchell, 33, Electrical Engineer from Chicago, Illinois
    • Quincey Williams, 25, Life Coach from Miami, Florida
    • Ryan Mula, 36, Investment Director from Boston, Massachusetts
    • Spencer Swies, 27, Venture Capitalist from Chicago, Illinois
    • Termayne Harper, 28, Crypto Guy from Naperville, Illinois
    • Tino Franco, 27, General Contractor from Playa Del Rey, California
    • Tyler Norris, 25, Small Business Owner from Wildwood, New Jersey
    • Zach Shallcross, 25, Tech Executive from Anaheim Hills, California
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    Windey and Recchia made their Bachelor Nation debut on Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor.” He dumped both women after declaring his love. He is currently dating Susie Evans.

    Here is what you need to know:

    The Men ‘Suit Up’ For a Swimsuit Pageant

    Windy and Recchia’s remaining contestants are baring nearly all for a chance at love!

    “Following last week’s shocking canceled rose ceremony, Gabby and Rachel surprise the 29 men left at the mansion by daring them to compete in a swimsuit pageant in order to earn one of six spots at the group date after-party,” according to the episode description. “Suiting up,” per a promo, the men don speeds and perform talents for the co-leads.

    In a preview, Windey says, “Rachel and I find a lot of the same guys attractive but we are figuring it out.”

    While it remains to be seen who makes it to the after-party, the preview suggests Logan Palmer is among the six suitors.

    Recchia & Jordan Vandergriff Take to the Sky During 1-on-1

    Recchia and Jordan Vandergriff’s burgeoning romance takes to the sky during the first one-on-one of the season. The morning after the pageant, per the episode description, “Rachel takes off for her first one-on-one with a once-in-a-lifetime Zero-G Experience.”

    “I’m excited to give Jordan a little taste of my brand of adventure,” she explains in a clip of their date. The pilot adds, “Zero gravity means we basically get to float around like an astronaut.”

    Vandergrill may admit to fearing heights, but the 27-year-old drag racer from Alpharetta, Georgia is no stranger to speed.

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    “When this professional race car driver isn’t on the track going from 0 to 337mph in less than four seconds (yes, you read that right), he loves spending time with his nephews, relaxing on the lake and watching James Bond movies,” according to his ABC bio. “Jordan V. is looking for someone who is sincere, passionate and supportive. And while he loves the hustle and bustle of his fun life, Jordan V. is very much looking to settle and start a family. This time next year, he’s hoping when he crosses the finish line, his future wife is there waiting for him. So, Jordan V., start your engine.”

    In a confessional, he says, “I’m super grateful that she sees something in me. The beginning of forever could start today.”

    The date concludes with “a surprise musical performance by Ashley Cooke and Brett Young.” The duo is presumably performing their duet, “Never Til Now.”

    Windey & Nate Mitchell Get ‘Steamy’ During 1-on-1 Date

    Windey invites Nate Mitchell on her first one-on-one date of the season. The 33-year-old is an electrical engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

    “Humble and hardworking, Nate tries to always live life to the fullest!” according to his ABC profile. “He is determined to take chances and is finally taking the time to focus on finding true love. Nate is looking for a woman who is kind, adventurous, smart and ready to complete his beautiful family. He also has a weakness for a woman who can make him laugh so hard his belly hurts.”

    Per the episode description, the pair go on “a helicopter ride above Los Angeles” and enjoy “a steamy hot tub session.”

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    “I think today’s really showed me that Nate has great character. It’s just been so fun to really like peel back the layers and get to know him,” the nurse says in a promo of their date.

    During the night portion of their date, Mitchell makes an admission. “So there is one thing that I do want to tell you about,” he says. “I have a beautiful baby girl who is six and she is my world. Like a pocket of my heart just burst open the first time, you know, she said ‘Dad.’ I’m a girl dad 1000%.”

    According to Bachelorwhatever on Instagram, Mitchell gets another one-on-one date later in the season. So, it seems a safe bet he will get the date rose.

    There Is Drama During the Cocktail Party

    Windey and Recchia gear up for their first rose ceremony of the season, after canceling one in the premiere. And as is customary in Bachelor Nation, the night is sure to have some drama.

    “Back at the mansion, when bold assumptions are revealed at the cocktail party, Rachel and Gabby continue to prove to the men that they are in control of their own journeys,” according to the episode description.

    In a promo for the episode, Recchia is seen approaching her fellow Bachelorette saying, “I just got brought some information.” On Instagram, “The Bachelorette” account describes the information as “unsettling.”

    It remains unclear who it involves, but Windey can be heard telling someone off-screen, “Hi, can we speak with you?”

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