TCL releases the Nxtwear S smart glasses for Kickstarter c 2


    TCL new Nxtwear S smart glasses are the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. From a distance of approximately 13 feet, the TCL Nxtwear S is said to provide an experience comparable to that of a 140-inch TV.

    The smart glasses are both safe for eyes and approved by TUV Rheinland’s Low Blue Light standard. To date, 681 backers have pledged approximately $239,000 to the TCL Nxtwear S’s crowdfunding campaign. More updates

    TCL’s latest smart glasses, the Nxtwear S, are an upgrade over the company’s previous offerings. With its 1080p Full High-Definition (FHD) tiny OLED, you can watch movies and shows in stunning detail. The Nxtwear S supports Windows and Android operating systems and features 2D content as well.

    The Nxtwear S is compatible with many different devices, including mobile phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. When using a smartphone, you can also listen to the music by connecting Bluetooth headphones to it.

    TCL Nxtwear S Smart glasses


    The smart glasses are available at a reasonable price, which should increase their popularity. The Nxtwear S is a set of two lightweight, foldable screens. Users can watch in peace and hear sound as clear as in a movie. The compact size makes it simple to slip into a pocket.

    Using an adaptor set for devices with a magnetic pogo pin connector, the latest TCL smart glasses may also be utilised with iOS.

    TCL releases the Nxtwear S smart glasses for Kickstarter crowdsourcing

    Some of the device’s physical controls include a volume knob and a slider for selecting different viewing modes. The monitor has an overall rating of 47 pixels per degree and a DCI-P3 coverage of over 90%.

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    Kickstarter is the only place to get your hands on a Nxtwear S, and the early bird specials start at just $329. The crowdsourcing drive will run until early November.

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