Staff Sgt. Major Barak Meshulam Killed By A Palestinian From Ramallah, CCTV Footage Explored!

    Staff Sgt. Major Barak Meshulam Killed By A Palestinian From Ramallah, CCTV Footage Explored!:- A Palestinian boy has been arrested by the Israel Police Department for killing a police officer of in Israel. This news has sought the attention of people on the account of the viral news of the death of a cop. The accused is a 17-year-old man who has been arrested by the police for killing an Israeli cop. This news has become a topic of conversation among the people as the suspect as accused of not only killing a cop but also stealing a police vehicle. The accused was arrested at Ramallah by the Israeli police. If we talk about the suspect, he is a 17-year-old boy. The teenage boy had stolen the vehicle from the Tel Aviv area.

    Major Barak Meshulam Killed By A Palestinian

    Later, he was driving the police car and he hit the Israeli police officer Staff Sgt. Maj. Barak Meshulam. This news has shocked people as the accused is a teenager and he is charged with two allegations, including the hit-and-run of a policeman and thievery of a police vehicle. The police officer tried to stop the car so that he may stop the child from driving it. On the part of a suspect, the driver has stated that he continued driving on his way to save himself from remaining away from the police arrest. This tussle resulted in the accidental death of Staff Sgt. Maj. Barak Meshulam. This incident took place on a checkpoint.

    As per the sources, the victim police officer was 30 years old when he died at the age of 30 years. The victim had also served his nation with his service in the Border Police. Later, he was posted at Kfar Saba station. He was at a checkpoint in the Sharon region and the expressed accident caused him to die on Saturday, 16th July 2022. The police arrested the accused and he has been arrested by the police for hit-and-run and also stealing a car.

    Now, people are willing to know all the details related to this news. As far as we know, the accused was a police officer who was 30-year-old. He has been killed in a mishap by a 17-year-old child. The family and friends of the victims are mourning and his family has not shared any details related to his funeral ceremony and obituary so far. May his soul get a place in Heaven to rest in peace. More details related to his demise will be shared on the internet soon.

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