Sesame Place Racist Black Girl Video Viral On Twitter & Instagram, Jodi Kelly Rowland Seeks Explanation

    Watch Sesame Place Racist Black Girl Video Viral On Twitter & Instagram, Jodi Kelly Rowland Seeks Explanation:- There is a video getting viral of Sesame Place Philadelphia that is showing a girl dancing with all the characters. The viral video is showing the girl so cute while she is there in the video. But she was shunned by a dressed-up employee as the character Rosita. This video was shot n 16th July 2022. However, this video became popular on Sunday, 17th July 2022.

    The mother of Rosita is saying that she is she was disgraced by an employee. She continued in her video while saying that her daughter was reluctant to make a handshake with the employee and it was a gesture of racism as her daughter is a black child. Ths video has sought the attention of people all across the internet as they are not only watching this video but also sharing this video so that the video may be disseminated all across the internet.

    Now, people are willing to know all the details related to this video as the video has become viral content. Jodi is saying that her daughter Rosita approached the character so as to get either embrace or high-five. In this article, we may discuss Rosita and her viral video so that all the readers of this article may have an idea of his video in brief.

    Who Is Rosita? Sesame Place Racist Black Girl Video

    She is a little girl. She is getting the attention of people because of her viral video. The name of her mother is Jodi. She visited a program in Sesame Place Philadelphia on 16th July 2022. She is expected to be a 5-year-old by her looks and size. Her mother is expected to be aged between 25 years and 30 years and is staying in the United States.

    Sesame Place Philadelphia Viral Video

    The viral video of Rosita is getting viral that is showing people a little girl. In this video, a little girl is trying to embrace or give high-five characters. But the employees do not let the girl come to them. It shows a glimpse of racism among the cartoon characters. In this video, she is enjoying but her mother has made the people. Ths video has been shared on the internet. Now, people may access this video on a number of platforms such that Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Some people are criticising the act of the cartoon characters. More details related to this news will be uploaded on the internet as soon as possible.

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