Real Housewife Makes Official Statement in Response to Cheating Claims


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    “The Real Housewives of Potomac” cast member Ashley Darby spoke out this week after a photo and article began circulating alleging that her husband was spotted with another woman. The Bravo star and entrepreneur denied that anything was going on in a statement shared on her social media.

    It all started when a photo was posted on Reddit showing her husband Michael Darby sitting in what appeared to be a hotel lobby next to a woman whose face was hidden by the poster. The title of the post was, “what are you doing here without ASHLEY?!” The photo was also shared on Twitter and is available here:

    The photo sparked a flurry of comments and speculation about Ashley and Michael Darby’s marriage, which has faced several challenges in the past. Eventually, an outlet picked up the image and reported that Michael Darby had been “caught” with another woman, prompting the RHOP Housewife to issue a statement denying any impropriety.

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    Ashley Darby Slammed the Article as ‘Bogus’ & Explained the Context Behind the Picture

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    InstagramAshley Darby’s Instagram Stories

    A few days after the image began circulating on social media, an article was published claiming that Michael Darby had been “caught” with another woman. Soon afterward, Ashley took to her Instagram Stories and posted the following text:

    That article is bogus. Michael was at a wedding this weekend, and the people pictured are his friends of over 30 years. Michael and I will always be transparent about what’s happening between us. Leave the fables to Aesop.

    It’s not the first time that Ashley Darby has spoken out about cheating allegations in her marriage and fans have had many questions about the RHOP couple’s relationship over the years, including the 29-year age gap between the Bravo star and her real estate mogul husband.

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    Michael Darby Has Faced a Few Allegations of Impropriety in the Past & Ashley Has Openly Discussed Their Relationship on RHOP

    Michael and Ashley Darby have had a rollercoaster relationship to say the least, a lot of which has been documented on “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Fans will recall one jaw-dropping moment in the franchise in the “Days of Our Knives” episode when Candiace Dillard and Robyn Dixon said that Michael Darby was sexually attracted to Robyn’s husband Juan Dixon.

    In season 4 of the franchise, the RHOP husband was accused of groping a cameraman. He apologized, ScreenRant reported, and the charges were eventually dropped. In addition to that, Michael Darby was accused of cheating after a picture began circulating of him in a hotel room in his boxers, and he also admitted to doing something “he regrets” after he was spotted at a strip club.

    Ashley Darby has remained with her husband and even admitted on season 5 that the two had an open relationship in the past but are now monogamous. Last year, Darby shared on the aftershow that she does have some trust issues in her marriage now, explaining:

    I would be lying through my teeth if I said that I was completely comfortable and felt safe and trusted Michael 100 percent after having Dylan because that previous experience after having Dean, it was hurtful to me, that rather than talk to me about how he was feeling he decided to try to find affection from someone else.

    So while things are a little bit different I still am a little scarred from that, and I am very on guard and aware and always looking for signs that could be leading us going down that road again.

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