Petrol pumps to accept card payments till January 13 with Transaction Tax

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government stated that the surcharge of 1 percent will not be imposed either on customers and petrol pump owners for the Card transactions. There is a high drama by Sunday after the threatening of petrol bunk owners to stop the accepting of the Credit and Debit card payments at petrol bunks in protest against the imposition of up to one percent transaction fee by a card of certain banks.

The Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on this issue that “Let me make it clear that customers will not be levied with any surcharge. Petrol Pumps were worried that the surcharge will be upon their heads, but let me assure them that it will not befall on them as well. Oil Marketing companies and banks are in talks and the former has given an incentive to increase digital transactions.”

Petrol pumps to accept card payments until January 13:

Petrol pumps to accept card payments till January 13 with Transaction Tax

Meanwhile, in the evening all the banks postponed the decision to impose the transaction fee of the card transactions for few more days till the issue about the consultation is resolved with the petroleum Ministry. After the sudden announcement made by banks that the petrol bunk owners to deferred their decision and they said that they will accept the card transactions for payments for now.

The association said in the late night statement that “The All-India Petroleum Dealers Association has received an official communication from oil marketing companies (OMCs) that with the intervention of petroleum minister the transaction fee charges have been deferred until January 13, 2017. AIPDA also has decided to defer the agitation until January 13, 2017,” he also said in his statement that A senior official from HDFC bank told this newspaper that the imposition of one percent transaction charge in the form of MDR was an industry decision which has been taken by all the banks. “We may have been one of the first to notify the petrol pump owners but this is a decision taken together by all the banks. It is not a decision only taken by us.

Petrol pumps to accept card payments till January 13 with Transaction Tax
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