People suffer foul smell as heavy rains spew garbage


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People suffer foul smell as heavy rains spew garbage

Hyderabad: After being battered by torrential rains that triggered one of the worst floods in recent times and claimed 50 lives, the city and other parts of Telangana were returning to normalcy on Thursday with relief measures being stepped up by the government.

In a relief, there was no rains on Thursday and water started receding in most parts of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits though some localities still remained inundated.

However, all those areas where inundated water swept out the remains and traces of garbage is seen. The rains compounded to the civic situation as municipal to the accumulation of garbage in the houses which came along the flooded waters.

The officials also claim that now the city might experience the spread of water-borne diseases. And they also said that the medical camps should be set up in the city.

The rains have left people to struggle with garbage, foul smell and immense loses in terms of electronic, groceries and furniture.

Source – Siasat

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