More Unlimited Internet Packages for Business and Home

    In this all-digital era, it feels like the internet has become a primary necessity of life that is parallel to clothing, housing and food. Without the internet, millennials will certainly find it difficult. Not surprisingly, the internet has brought major changes, especially in the field of technology. This makes our work very helpful, faster, more efficient, and of course effective. Unlimited Internet Packages


    There are so many internet providers that offer various advantages of their products. Especially for wifi, internet that can be installed in your home for various needs. One of the best is What are the advantages that offers to its users? Check out the following review to the end!

    Fast and Stable Connection

    stable connection

    Of course, as an internet provider customer, you want satisfactory service, especially with regard to the quality of the provider. Well, there’s no need to hesitate anymore to use, because they provide a fast and stable connection, of course. Why? Because uses 100 percent fiber optic.

    With this technology, bandwith speed is certainly very high and can deliver large-capacity data. There are also no slow and weather problems, or radio interference problems wireless which is in the air. To send photos and audio, you only need a matter of seconds. As for videos or movies, it only takes a few minutes. So, you and your family can surf the internet smoothly!

    Maximum Access to Entertainment

    If you and your family are fans of movies or television series, youtube and so on, then is the most appropriate choice. With this, you can streamingan also watch shows on entertainment channels with clear quality and without lag. Likewise, those who like togame, it is certain that the game will be more exciting without any unstable connection interruptions. How, interesting, right?

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    One Connection for All Gadgets

    It doesn’t matter how many members of your family in the house each hold their own cell phone, these devices can be connected with router wifi Of course, with this, you and your family will have more freedom to explore the virtual world, whether for entertainment or work purposes without disturbing each other.

    Various Packages and Prices Offered


    No need to worry about the monthly bills that you have to bear with this You can choose a package that fits your pocket so it’s not burdensome. There are several packages offered, namely the Home 15, Home 25, Home 50 and Home 100 packages for home wifi.

    The data transfer speed is as the name suggests. Home 15 package, meaning speeds of up to 15 Mbps that can connect between 1 to 5 gadgets. This package has unlimited data that can be used as much as possible. Every month, you will only be charged a tariff of IDR 218,900-, only.

    Internet package unlimited The next package is the Home 25 package. This package has a speed of up to 25 Mbps, with unlimited data and monthly bill of Rp.273,900-, per month. This package can connect 6 to 10 gadgets at once smoothly.

    Then, there is also the Home 50 package. This package has speeds of up to 50 Mbps, with unlimited data and monthly bill of Rp.383,900-, per month. By using this package, 16 to 20 phones or PCs can be connected at once without any hassles.

    Package unlimited The last package that offers is the Home 100 package. This package has a speed of 100 Mbps. Naturally unlimited and can be used as much. The monthly fee for the Home 100 package is Rp.493,900, and you can collect 21 to 30 gadgets at once without significant connection problems. This whole Home package include wifi modem and 59 IPTV Channels as a means of entertainment. How, tempting, right?

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    Easy and Practical

    easy and practical

    Another advantage offered by is the convenience and practicality that every millennial needs. One of those things is shown in the easy and hassle-free access to monthly bill payments.

    You don’t have to go all the way to the head office to make payments, because there are other, more effective ways. Payments can be made through any bank ATM with a Virtual Account which will be provided by You can also use Permata ATM and BTPN.

    In addition, also cooperates with minimarkets throughout Indonesia, namely Alfa Midi and Indomaret. You can pay bills there. If you don’t want to bother anymore, pay via credit card directly online can also be done. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

    Easy Registration Steps

    For registration to install home or agency wifi, you can also do this via email website directly. Just click the Register menu and just follow the next steps. You are required to state the address of the installation area, then must also choose a package. Next, you will be asked to upload personal data such as an ID card, then confirm your registration. Easy and hassle free!

    Suitable for Home or Business

    After seeing the packages offered above, you don’t need to doubt that is indeed suitable for home and even business. If your internet needs are just for doing work at home, surfing the internet for entertainment, you can choose the Home 15 or Home 25 package.

    However, if your internet needs are for business, where the connection must be super fast and stable, the Home 50 or Home 100 package will certainly help your business grow. So, adjust to your needs, yes!

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    Well, that’s all kinds of things unlimited internet package for home and business. Hope it is useful!

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