Organ transplantation gets pace in Hyderabad


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Organ transplantation gets pace in Hyderabad. In Sep, health authorities managed to allot 18 donor organs to needy patients from three brain dead persons in Hyderabad

Organ transplantation gets pace in Hyderabad
Given the multiple challenges involved during a pandemic, some healthcare facilities with the help of authorities have resumed organ transplantation in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: The State government’s Jeevandan organ donation initiative aimed at providing donor organs to needy patients is under gradual revival, as transplant centres in Hyderabad roll out facilities while implementing Covid-19 guidelines in taking precautions, screening and assessment of donors and recipients, framed by National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) under Ministry of Health and Family welfare.

This month, the health authorities have managed to allot 18 donor organs to needy patients from three brain dead persons in Hyderabad. Given the multiple challenges involved in taking up organ transplantation during a pandemic, conducting 18 transplant surgeries in September was an achievement, officials involved said.

Amid the ongoing pandemic and the threat of Covid-19 infection to healthcare workers, organ recipients, family members of donors and ministerial staff involved in the process, a few private healthcare facilities in Hyderabad have coordinated with Jeevandan authorities to take up the complex transplantation process.

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There are logistical and operational challenges that one has to overcome to conduct transplant surgeries during Covid pandemic. To make transplant surgeries successful, the transplant facilities must have dedicated teams of healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff only to conduct transplantations during the pandemic.

“Despite the presence of dedicated teams, there is always a risk of Covid infection to patients, doctors and others involved. In spite of these difficulties, organ donation and transplantations are gradually being expanded in Telangana. We have ensured that recipients and their family members were clearly informed about the risk of infection that is involved during the Covid pandemic,” says in-charge, Jeevandan and senior Nephrologist, NIMS, Dr G Swarnalatha.

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During the time of a pandemic, except for super-specialty hospitals, including Yashoda Hospitals, KIMS Hospitals and Apollo Hospitals, there are not many facilities that can maintain dedicated teams for organ transplantation. The quasi-State owned Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) and State-run OGH are yet to take up transplantation.

Majority of the Covid positive patients receiving treatment at NIMS, Gandhi Hospital, TIMS, Gachibowli are in need of oxygen support. As a result, anaesthesia wings in these hospitals, which are vital to conduct organ transplantations, are focused on Covid treatment. Even specialty doctors like nephrologists and urologists are on Covid duty at Gandhi, NIMS and other government hospitals.

“Despite the risks, we have managed to start organ donation and transplantations in Hyderabad. Hopefully more transplants can be taken-up in the coming days,” says Dr Swarnalatha.

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