NCAA Tournament Criticized For Showing College Player’s Girlfriend Details Explained!

    The renowned American College Basketball player “Kyle Young” has come up to the attention of people from all across the world on the account of the curiosity of the netizens to get to know the name of the girlfriend of Kyle Young. In the previous basketball match played by Kyle Young, he fell on the ground and a girl from the audience initiated crying.

    Thereafter, people initiated generating their interest in knowing the name of the crying girl as well as the name of the girlfriend of the concerned basketball player. It was a basketball game between the basketball teams of Ohio State and Villanova State therein Kyle Young fell to the court after contact with another player. He had collided with the shoulder of Collin Gillespie that heft Kyle Young dazed and off to the locker room for treatment. Later, he could not be a part of the 5 of the squad of this basketball team due to his injury.

    Although Kyle Young lost the attention of the CBS broadcast yet his girlfriend sought the attention. His girlfriend was seen to be emotional at the time of his injury. As a result, he was asked by several people about the concerned girl via multiple social media posts. Furthermore, we are likely to discuss Kyle Young’s girlfriend in this article.

    Who is the girlfriend of Kyle Young?

    Nowadays, people are wondering to know the name of the girlfriend of Kyle Young. There was a girl who was seen crying in the last basketball game of Kyle Young at the time of his injury. People are looking forward to knowing the name of the crying girl. It seems that she is the girlfriend of the basketball player “Kyle Young.” Her name is Lexi Hall. She is used to playing college sports. Even though; she is prominently a volleyball player in her college team. From the side of Kyle Young and Lexi Hall, it has not been asserted whether they are dating each other or they are just friends.

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    CBS Criticism

    Lexi Hall has been shown in the last basketball game of Kyle Young multiple times by the cameraman. She was shown on the TV screens so many times that some critics including journalists described this to be wrong because the work of the cameraman is to capture the basketball match and not someone who is not playing.

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