Moabite woman receives award for helping build affordable housing

    MOAB, Utah — Moab is filled with beauty and outdoor adventure, but one thing it lacks is affordable housing. A woman wants to change that.

    “We have multi-million dollar projects all built on volunteer efforts,” said Sheri Griffith.

    Griffith is helping lead the Arroyo Crossing project, with 40 acres of donated land that will soon be filled with 300 homes, apartments, townhomes and cottages that you can rent or buy.

    “With us being able to build this, I think it will take a huge burden off [housing crisis] and keep people in town,” Griffith said.

    And to keep homes affordable, some of them are self-supporting buildings. That is, homeowners help build their homes from the ground up.

    Future homeowners, Tanda and Neil Apdach, have been working on their home for months.

    “There’s another level of pride you get that you wouldn’t get if you just bought a house,” says Tanda.

    The Apadachs say now that their house is almost finished, they are filled with joy.

    “To have this is like a dream come true,” he said. “Gbuilding a house in a city like Moab seems like an impossible dream.”

    Griffith is this year’s AARP Andrus Award winner for community service, for helping families make that dream come true.

    Ands some houses are almost finished, he saying it made him feel like it was all worth it.

    “I walk here a few times a week to remind myself why I work so hard,” Griffith says. “If is not me, who will do it? This needs to be done. This has to be resolved.”

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    Griffith said they would work on the project over the next few years.

    To To qualify to live here, you must work a minimum of 30 hours a week, or retire at Moab after working there for at least five years, and meet a lower income level.

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