LUCKNOW: 16 Years Old Boy Allegedly Killed His Mother As She Stopped Him From Playing Pubg!

    The growing craze for games has become so dominant among the children that they have started committing crimes. Many crimes have been committed by the children when their parents stopped them from wasting their time on the phone and scolded them to study. There is a jump has been found regarding these types of cases. One such case has been currently coming fore where a 16-year-old gaming addict assassinates their mother. The only fault of his mother was that she wanted to stop him from playing the game. This case has stirred up the entire social media and people are looking forward to getting more information on this topic. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    16 Years Old Lucknow Boy Killed His Mother

    As per the latest report, a 16-year-old boy was badly addicted to playing PUBG and when her mother stopped him to play he reportedly shot dead his mother. His mother was just scolding him for not playing online games. This incident happened on the weekend and after killing his mother he kept the dead body of her mother at their house which is in Lucknow for at least 2 days by menacing and locking his younger sibling. She kept her sister in the room to make sure that she does not open her mouth and does not inform anyone, this is stated by a Police officer on Wednesday, 8th June 2022.

    In further addition to this, SM Qasim Abidi, the deputy police commissioner stated that they got to know about this horrifying crime when the father of the body, who is giving his services in the army informed them about the incident on Tuesday (7th June 2022). His father is currently posted in Asansol which is in West Bengal. When his father came to the house, he found his wife dead and then he reported the murder. He stated that an anonymous attacker assassinated his wife and held captive his two kids.

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    Abidi stated that the killer boy at first attempted to mislead the police officers by asserting that an electrician came to their house and he assassinated his mother. after rigorous inquiry he confessed his crime that he has shot his mother with the licensed revolver of his father. He further stated that the boy also used room freshener as the dead body began decomposing because of the hot weather. Abidi stated that on Tuesday, the boy called his father and told his father about the murder of his mother.

    He stated that an anonymous attacker had also held them captive. He stated the body was extremely addicted to playing the online game PUBG and his mother always scolded him and did not permit him to play this game. The investigating officer stated that forensic experts have gathered evidence connected to the crime and they sent the weapon for the test. He further added that the boy was taken into custody and he will appear on the juvenile board. The police have sent the dead body for a post-mortem.

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