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    In this article, we are going to talk about a video that is getting viral on the social media platform and especially on Twitter this video is related to doctor watch racism Kaan you and the videos are related to LGBT so talking about him he was a part and a candidate for the deputy of the second Izmir region of the AK party however he also targets at the people who were inserting LGBT and you are the one who is not interested in these things now however talking about the post that is getting viral on the Twitter account there are some images of Sedat Peker so let us know about the complete situation in brief. Sedat Peker images are floating on the Twitter account where he has posted h********* images on his Twitter account and it is said that Azam Khan CEO is holding that however after this complete situation say that all so shared a small video clip in which he is responding to the tart commentator Cem Kucuk. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

    Who Is Cem Küçük?

    These two stars were the last target now Kucuk has been sharing the article in which he has entitled with the States Taught traitors a big lesson. If you have not seen the complete article there are some short notes related to that article in which he also mentioned previously addressed to the media and also their collaborators. He mentioned that here I and dogan are trying their best they are the justice and the development party and the whole party has been affected by this this is the reason check it in your favor. He also mentions the people who also thought and these to our de terrorist and included in the group they have been legitimating and they are not then a situation to appear in the media of mainstream however if people are trying out to carry the black propaganda and they are going to say about the media of Dogan feto and PKK they both are not belonging to the group of terrorist.

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    Cem Küçük Leaked & Viral Video

    He also mentions that living in a country like Turkey where the people of Hurriyet are ruling living the whole of Turkey, at last, he said that he is having enough power he can crush and can do whatever he wants but this is their Mercy that we are not trying to put some barriers over you and you are living until now however now Hakam filed a complain in which Kucuk SK trying to defend himself and now he mentions that it is complete sarcasm. Kucuk targeted Can Dundar who is the editor and chief of the Cumhuriyet. At last, he try to sum up and told the audience that if something like this happened in the Turkish National intelligent service.

    Talking about the case of the truck which happened in the United State and if a newspaper like the New York time is published be a CIA truck it is no at the reason why it is not getting fakely and now recently he started threatening and sending this keynotes to the CNN Turkish person whose name is Nevsin Mengu and it was the time when the alive broadcast was going on he said that I am going to end Nevsin Mengu life and his reputation in the sector of media and it was an official warning for him.

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