Kelly Dodd Deletes Twitter Account Due to ‘Trolls’


    Kelly Dodd in 2017

    Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd has announced she has left Twitter.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Kelly Dodd Announced on Instagram That She Was Deleting Her Twitter Account ‘This Is for You, Trolls’

    “Saying goodbye to my 211,000 Twitter followers,” Dodd wrote on Instagram on June 6, 2022. “This is for you, trolls. It’s like having a toxic boyfriend. You like getting off but it’s not worth it in the end. There’s too much hate & too many fake accounts on this platform. It’s where the cancel culture was born & I’m done. Maybe if @elonmusk.ab takes over I’ll be back but until then you can find me on here on @instagram #twitter #trolls #bots #spam #fake #losers #woke #bye”

    Several fans chimed in to support the decision.

    “Will miss you on there Kelly! Thank god we have you here and hope you do more lives on here,” someone wrote.

    “wish everyone would do this! We need to CANCEL THE CANCEL CULTURE,” a fan wrote.

    “Good for you,” someone wrote. “You DONT need a platform that doesn’t acknowledge you AT ALL.. ignores your verification request WHEN YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE! All they do on there is tell lies and spread rumors especially in housewives community. There so many trolls on there that just want to bring people down.”

    “Kelly you have so many fans that live you because you speak truth and these cupcakes can’t handle it!” another person wrote.

    But just as many had negative reactions to her announcement.

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    “Get a life outside social media,” someone wrote.

    “You are the sellout. Getting that CLOT SHOT even though you had Covid. Your a sellout!” someone wrote.

    “Cancel culture is a myth,” another fan wrote.

    Kelly Dodd’s Husband Rick Leventhal Says She Was ‘Shadow Banned’ on Twitter

    Before Dodd deleted her Twitter, her husband Rick Leventhal shares a screenshot comparing Dodd’s non-verified account with over 200,000 followers getting under 9,000 views on a video and a parody account getting almost 50,000 views on the same video.

    “Hey @elonmusk @Twitter can you explain how my wife
    @kellydleventhal w/209k followers got less than 10k views on a video & @HeatherDumbrow w/3k followers got almost 50k views on the same video? Asking for a friend… #shadowban” he tweeted.

    Several fans commented on the tweet.

    “Some people don’t like her as much? Why does that worry your cold dark heart?” a fan tweeted.

    “Because no one likes her ! Go on her Twitter for two secs and you will see that,” another fan wrote. 

    “Did she put you up to this?” someone asked. 

    “How smart can he be? He married Kelly,” another fan tweeted.

    Dodd had previously tweeted about not being able to get her verification badge back after changing her name on Twitter, despite having a high number of followers.

    Often times Dodd’s tweets were controversial in nature including her tweet comparing the Uvalde shooting to 9/11, a tweet accusing Harry Hamlin of being gay, and Dodd was even disinvited from an event after a joke she tweeted about transgender individuals got back to the organizers.

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