Julius Malema Ibiza Partying Photos And Videos Goes Viral

    WATCH: Julius Malema Ibiza party photos and videos go viral: Here’s some news for you: Julius Malema is a great DJ, and a trip to Ibiza, known as the “Party Capital of Europe”, may have been a pain in the ass To-do list for popular EFFs. Juju was seen “rocking his jockey” and shooting spirits hard on the Spanish island. Recently, he has gone viral on social media sites where many people are looking for his name. We have more news here that we will share with you in this article, let’s continue.

    Julius Malema Ibiza

    Although at first glance it is not clear what brought Malema to the Balearic Islands, it is clear that he spent most of his time there. After being seen hanging out with a Major League Baseball DJ, the political provocateur made sure the South African flag was always flying high. As a result of their unique sound, Amapiano’s performances were asked to perform at various shows across Europe. On the other hand, not many would have thought that one of Mzansi’s most controversial public figures would be there for their special guest. You’re getting the right news information on the right page, so read the full article.

    Julius Malema Ibiza Photos and Videos

    In a video posted on Instagram by another SA participant named Avinash Nair, the group is seen relaxing on the sofa, and drinking spirits while watching the video. The camera pans to Julius Malema, who is smiling broadly, and what appears to be in the glass smells like alcohol.

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    Who is Julius Malema?

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