Joanne Robinson Woman Killed By Dog American Bully and Man Hurt In Rotherham Attack

    Joanne Robinson Woman Killed By Dog American Bully and Man Hurt In Rotherham Attack:- Animals are so lovely and cute but sometimes they become dangerous too. Every animal has its different specialty, if we talk about lions, they are known as the King of Jungle. Similarly, if we talk about dogs, they are known for their loyalty and faithfulness, but sometimes they become so much danger when they are not in the good mood. An incident came similar to this where a dog killed a woman and harmed a man so critically. This attack of the dog was so horrific, that it almost killed the man, luckily he was alive, but the woman was no more in this world.

    Joanne Robinson Woman Killed By Dog American Bully

    In Rotherham, a dog attacked and killed a 43 years old woman by biting her. Not only this, the same dog attacked a man who was 42 years old, fortunately, he was alive and now is in hospital for his treatment. This attack happened on Masefield Road in a house, which is located in West Melton. At almost 10 o’clock at night, this terrific incident happened in which a woman was badly bitten by a dog and then she died on the spot, said South Yorkshire Police in their statement. If we talk about the man, he was 42 years old, who has a son too. He was critically injured by the dog on his hand, face, and also on abdomen. After the attack, he was rushed to the hospital immediately. Now he was a little bit better and his treatment is ongoing.

    There were two dogs included in this horrific incident, and both of them are not from the banned breeds, still, the police officers seized them both. The neighbors also said in their statement that the lady who died was so lovely and loving mom. She was so loving and every person who lived near her house respected her. In these following statements, one of the neighbors said that they don’t even know the following deceased one was having dogs.

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    You can see after reading this article that sometimes animals can be dangerous. Although both dogs were seized after the attack and now they are in the Police station. This news is on trend on the internet and some people who know her are giving tribute to her and also expressing their pain towards her. We hope this information was helpful for you, if you want more content and updates then always stay connected to us here.

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