Reliance Jio DTH SetTop Box Launch Date, Online Booking

Recently, Jio has introduced and launched its set up box, and that will allow its clients to watch available live TV channels online. There is a rumor spreading on the internet, that the service of Jio DTH setup box online booking will get started very soon. According, to the speculation made by the people that the services is likely to get started within the upcoming months of 2017.  After the news got leaked the clients are curious to learn the plans of Jio DTH Box Online Booking.

Everyone is aware of the fact that the reliance Jio has extended its offer.  It is seen that Jio will keep on extending its offer for more longer duration of time. Mostly the user of Jio services are satisfied and love to stick to the plans. The expectations in the market are totally high when we speak of the services of Jio DTH, which is similar to that of Jio mobile services. In this article, we will be discussing with you the expected features and the procedure of Jio DTH setup box online booking.

Available Features of Jio DTH Box:


Jio DTH services are expected to bring lost of impressive features with its Jio DTH set up box. It is likely to come with the HDMI support, cable connector port, audio with Jio STB rear ports too. The user of the setup box can enjoy the 4k recording Ultra HD 160p videos. WiFi enabled with the dual band IEEE802.11n 2.4 GHz (2X2)/ IEEE 802.11 ac 5GHz (2X2) interface. Talking about the connectivity it features the Bluetooth connection.

It works under the operating system of Android TV and introduces to you Google Chrome Casting. Jio DTH box set up is design with the over the Top Technology shortly known as OOT live TV technology. At the same time, people will get to see HDMI Cable male to male connector. LAN Cable with the Ethernet port that gives you an option to connect with the wired broadband cable right away within the STB itself.

DC adapter enabled with output 12v or 1.5A that is 18 watts, and then with the audio output of S/PDIF Sony or Philips Digital Interface Format. Jio DTH Box will be supporting a channel of 300 that is expected after its launch.

Available Plans and A brief description of Jio DTH Setup Box:

According to the information that has been circulating on the internet, the price of the Jio set up box comes at a very affordable price that is only rs.1800. When you will bring the DTH setup box and antennae to arrange that, you will need to pay Rs.180 to 200 to the setter. Jio brings to you 1-year free subscription as summer surprise offer. Apart from that Jio DTH also likely to offer 6 months of free welcome offer. This simply means that the clients of Jio DTH set up box user will not require recharging for quite a long time.


The expected plans of the Jio DTH service are made on the basis of the region of the country. The list of the regions is Jio DTH North, Jio DTH south, Jio DTH east and Jio DTH West region.

The plans of the Jio DTH services are like are provided below into the following list.

  1. Mega Pack- Rs. 199-299.
  2. Value HD Prime Channels – Rs. 60 to 69
  3. Dhoom –  RS.99 – 109
  4. My Family Pack – Rs. 200 to 250.
  5. Kids channel – Rs. 188 to 190.
  6. My Sports – Rs. 159 to 169.
  7. My Plan will come for Rs. 50 to 54.
  8. South Ultra – Rs. 199 to 250.
  9. All sports channels in complete HD – Rs. 60 to 69.
  10. Big Ultra Pack – Rs. 200 to 220.
  11. Normal pack – Rs. 49 to 55.
  12. My Sports Pack – Rs. 145-150.
  13. Metro Pack – Rs. 200 to 250
  14. South Maximum – Rs. 134-145
  15. South Indian Value Pack –Rs. 120 to 130

How to book Jio DTH Box Online Booking?

Jio DTH services are still on a trail and nothing is confirmed yet on how the services are going to work. But if you want to go for the pre-booking of Jio DTH setup box online booking, then you have to keep on looking for the details information on the internet. There is a rumor that Jio DTH service is expected to be launched by the end month of July or August 2017.

Prepare yourself with everything you need to book online in advance. The online producer of Jio DTH box may involve documents verification and more details information. Jio services are expected to come with an affordable price that will allow everyone to get entertained.


Jio DTH box online booking is still in the process of making, nothing is confirmed yet about the service starting date. By the time when the services of Jio DTH service are available to use, the clients will be able to get it for free. You will able to enjoy more than 300 HD channels sitting at your home and view channels for free at start up. Until then you need to keep for some patient for the Jio DTH service to get started. Keep yourself up to date with the recent news and get information on the Jio DTH online booking.

Reliance Jio DTH SetTop Box Launch Date, Online Booking
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