If You Mistakenly Cancel Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram, Can You Undo It?

    In the current age and time we’re living in, most of us are leading fast lives, where we’re always on a time crunch. Sadly, this is true not just for work or studies but also for other aspects of life, including social media. Suppose you’re in a rush and opened Instagram, and saw a follow request that you wanted to accept but ended up canceling it in a hurry. Now, you find yourself in a pickle, asking yourself if there’s anything you can do to reverse your action? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

    Stay with us till the end of the blog to learn what you can do about a canceled follow request on Instagram.

    If You Mistakenly Cancel Someone’s Follow Request on Instagram, Can You Undo It?

    Let’s get straight to the point: much like other social media platforms, cancelling follow requests on Instagram is also a permanent and irreversible action.

    This means that once you’ve cancelled a follow request from someone, no matter whether it was done on purpose or by mistake, there’s no way for you to undo it anymore. Wondering what else can be done now? Keep reading to find out!

    Here’s what you can do about it

    In the last section, we discussed how it was impossible to undo cancelling someone’s follow request on Instagram. We understand that our answer, despite being true, might seem a little disappointing to you.

    Therefore, while we might be able to solve your problem today, we can certainly suggest you a couple of methods to deal with it.

    Ask them to resend the request

    The first and foremost option available to you, in this case, is to be honest. You’ve deleted this person’s follow request unintentionally, right? So, why not tell them the same? It’s not like the magnitude of your crime is far too large to be forgiven.

    What you can do here is simply type up a message for them, politely explaining to them what had happened and asking them to resend it. Doing it in person would be more effective, but if you want to do it over the phone, that works as well.

    Send them a request yourself

    If someone has just sent you a request on your private account, there’s a good chance that you aren’t following them back. And if that’s the case, we’re pretty sure they might see your mistake as an excuse for not having them follow you.

    But if you send them a request yourself, it’ll be clear that you have nothing to hide, and it could indeed have been a mistake. In other words, sending them a request can do a lot to show them the sincerity of your mistake.

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