How to Get a Free Kominfo Digital TV Set Top Box (STB)!

    Recently, the government has made another assistance program in the form of a Digital TV Set Top Box. Now, if you want to get a Digital STB from Kominfo, you can follow the method of getting a Kominfo Digital Set Top Box below and of course this is done to replace the broadcast stop program. analog that will be implemented soon.

    What is a Digital TV Set Top Box?

    Before finding out how to get a TV Top Box Set, you certainly need to know what a set top box is.

    Set top box is a broadcast signal capture device. Where this STB has a function as a digital signal conversion into images and sound that can be displayed on ordinary analog TV without digital.

    In receiving the STB signal, it is not necessary to use a satellite dish but enough with a UHF-VHF TV antenna.

    You can find several types of digital TV Set Top Boxes, ranging from DVB-T2, DVB-IPTV, DVB-C and DVB-S. However, in Indonesia itself, it uses the type of Set Top Box—STB DVB-T2 in broadcasting digital TV.

    Unfortunately, in STB you will not be able to get TV broadcasts from abroad or internationally, because STB only covers national.

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    How to get a Kominfo Digital TV Set Top Box (STB)

    If you want a TV Set Top Box for free from Kominfo, you can listen to the description below so you can get it.

    1. Meet the Requirements

    First, in getting an STB from Kominfo, of course, you must meet the requirements first.

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    You can find the requirements for getting an STB in the quote from the page. Where the requirements contain:

    • The recipient must be an Indonesian citizen.
    • Being in a poor family.
    • In one family have one analog TV
    • The place of residence is within the scope of ASO and registered with the DTKS of the Ministry of Social Affairs or other social sector regional apparatus.

    Once you meet these requirements, you can proceed by following the steps below.

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    2. Steps

    If these were the requirements that you had to fulfill in getting an STB from Kominfo, then you can then take the steps below.

    • If you are interested in getting a Set Top Box for free, you can check the DTKS data first.
    • Next, you can prepare an ID card and family card as the required documents.
    • You can download the Cek Bansos application on your mobile device to apply for assistance in the form of STB.
    • After you have successfully downloaded the Check Bansos application, just open the application.
    • When you are on the main page, please select the Proposed List menu option, you can register yourself or other family members who are registered with the DTKS of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
    • In the Follow-up menu section, you can continue by selecting the Add Follow-up menu.
    • Furthermore, the system will validate the suitability of personal data with NIK, KTP, or KK regarding the suitability of the data.
    • If it has been validated, you can directly choose the type of social assistance you want to apply for. Because here you want free digital STB TV, then choose the free digital STB TV tool.
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    With the steps above, you can wait some time until the digital STB TV is in your hands.

    The distribution process for digital TV STB will start from March 15 to April 30, 2022. STB shipments will be sent to the organizer’s warehouse in 341 districts/cities.

    Make sure your personal data is appropriate, because otherwise you will not receive the STB and will be returned to the warehouse.

    So that’s how to get a Kominfo Digital TV STB that you can do. After getting it you must know how to install the right Set Top Box.

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