How to Download WA Status (WhatsApp) Without Application 2022

    With around 5,000,000,000 users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps. But many users are still confused about how to download other people’s WA status?

    Sometimes we often see interesting statuses uploaded to WhatsApp by our friends. Not infrequently users want to immediately download the status to be re-uploaded on their own WA account.

    The WhatsApp application developed by WhatsApp LLC in 2009 has a very light application size and has a hidden feature, namely how to download WhatsApp status without additional applications.

    If you are a user who doesn’t know how to save WhatsApp status, on this occasion we will provide a tutorial on how to download WhatsApp status photos and videos.

    How to Save WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos

    WhatsApp Status is one of the WA application function systems that is used to share various types of photos, videos, or texts. Usually this WhatsApp status can only last for a duration of 24 hours.

    You can also set to make WhatsApp status like hide status from other users like if you want to hide it from your ex-girlfriend or limit the number of contacts who can see the status.

    Did you know that Status on WhatsApp can be downloaded in three different ways, namely without using an application and by using an application. For more details, you can listen to various ways to download WA status below easily and quickly.

    No app

    Before downloading WhatsApp status in this way, you must first see the status you want to download. This is because the file must first be saved on your Android phone or iPhone.

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    Here’s how to easily download WA status without the help of additional applications:

    1. Open the WhatsApp application, then watch one of the WA statuses that you want to download until it runs out.
    2. Next, see the WhatsApp download status, open the file manager on your cellphone.
    3. Then click the three dots in the upper right corner and select Settings.
    4. After that, enable show hidden files so that WhatsApp status is visible in the file manager.
    5. Then go to the internal storage folder, find the WhatsApp folder and open the file called media.
    6. After opening the media file, reopen the file with the status name.
    7. In the “Status” file, various WA statuses that you have seen before will appear.
    8. Then open one of the WhatsApp statuses that you want to download, or copy and copy the file to be moved to the storage place you want.
    9. Finished.

    Using Additional Apps

    In this second step, you can download WhatsApp Status using an additional application called Status Saver, you can download this application for free from the Google Play Store.

    Here’s how to download other people’s WA status on iPhone:

    1. First, open the Status Saver application that you downloaded earlier, if you don’t have the application, please download it first.
    2. Then open the features menu which you can find on the right side of the app and then you can select WhatsApp Status or WhatsApp Business Status.
    3. After selecting a WhatsApp status, click the download icon at the bottom to download all the photos, videos, and WA text statuses automatically.
    4. If you have the status, it will automatically go to the status saver application folder.
    5. You can move the status to the smartphone gallery by transferring it to HP storage media.
    6. Finished.
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    Using WhatsApp Mods

    Modified WhatsApp is a WA application that has undergone changes in both the appearance and function of features. Currently, all modified WhatsApp applications already have a status download feature for you to use.

    The application is made by a third party and is not officially made from the original WhatsApp, therefore we highly recommend this method for the last step if the two methods above don’t work for you to download WA status on your cellphone.

    To be able to save WA status with this modified WhatsApp, the method is as follows:

    1. The first step, please download the modified WhatsApp application such as GB WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp.
    2. If it has been downloaded, open the application and click the download settings menu in the settings option to activate.
    3. Next, find the WhatsApp status that you want to download.
    4. After that click on the status and click on the download icon button to save the status.
    5. Finally, you can open the gallery menu to see the WhatsApp status that you have downloaded.
    6. Finished.

    The final word

    how to download wa status

    Well, the easiest and fastest tutorial for how to download other people’s WhatsApp status on an Android phone or on an iPhone. So now you don’t need to be confused anymore when you find a cool WA story and you want to download the WhatsApp status for re-upload.

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    That’s our explanation, thank you for visiting the website which is always updated with the latest collection of tips and tricks. Hopefully this article can be useful for anyone who reads it.

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