How Long Does It Take for Yellow Heart Emoji to Disappear on Snapchat

    If there existed a “creativity meter” that could measure and rank people’s creativity based on how differently they did things compared to others, the creators of Snapchat would find a place among the most creative app developers ever. Snapchat is hands-down one of the most creative social media apps ever made. Its out-of-the-box features are not unknown to anyone who uses social media actively. Using the app only for a few days makes you realize that the app has been made with a rare blend of creativity, humor, and uniqueness.

    What’s also evident is Snapchat’s special focus on two things- Friends and Emojis- and how they work together. Avid Snapchatters know that Snapchat is made for friends and that it rewards users with emojis for chatting- snapping– with friends.

    The more you chat with a friend, the more emojis you get. Each emoji acts as a status that depicts your chatting habits with your friend. One of these emojis is the yellow heart 💛 emoji that represents the “besties” status.

    Friend Emojis on Snapchat are some of the most interesting things about the platform. Read on to find out what Friend Emojis mean and how long it takes for the yellow emoji to disappear.

    How Long Does It Take for Yellow Heart Emoji to Disappear on Snapchat?

    The yellow heart emoji, as we just explained, appears when you and your friend are each other’s #1 Best Friend.

    You should keep in mind that all the friend emojis discussed above are dynamic, i.e., they can appear, disappear, or shift from one friend to another on their own. This happens because of the very nature of these emojis. As your snapping behaviors change, so do these emojis.

    Now, it is not exactly clear how long it takes for the Yellow Emoji to disappear. Snapchat hasn’t made it clear, and different users seem to report inconsistent answers to this question. All we know is that emojis appear and disappear based on your recent snapping.

    Since each of these emojis represent your and your friends’ current and recent snapping behaviors, you might notice one day that the Yellow Heart Emoji 💛 disappeared from where it used to be. This can mean two things:

    You have stopped sending as many snaps to your friends as you used to.


    Your friend has stopped sending you as many snaps as they used to.

    If that friend is no longer at the first position under the Best Friends section of your Chat screen, it’s because of you (1st reason).

    However, if the said friend is still at the top of your Best Friends list, it means they have recently been snapping too much with someone else, which is sad.

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