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Godrej & Boyce to strengthen vaccine cold chain

Godrej & Boyce to strengthen vaccine cold chain

Hyderabad: Godrej & Boyce, through its business unit Godrej Appliances, has been partnering the ongoing Covid vaccination drive in India through its advanced medical refrigeration solutions which safeguard the sensitive vaccines at just the right temperature. The company added ultra-low temperature freezers to its portfolio, strengthening the vaccine cold chain further.

These advanced medical freezers can preserve life-saving medical supplies including critical vaccines below -80°C and are aimed at boosting both Indian and global medical cold chain.

Godrej Appliances is currently deploying vaccine refrigerators which maintain a precise temperature of 2 to 8°C to store the highly temperature sensitive Covaxin and CoviShield vaccines being administered in India, as part of the national tender it received in October 2020.

Medical freezers, which maintain 20°C are also being deployed for diluents and ice packs needed for the last mile delivery in the Covid vaccination drive.

The ultra low temperature freezers are a new addition to this portfolio and are particularly suited to mRNA-based vaccines, which are being deployed in other countries currently. The mRNA-based Covid 19 vaccines are extremely temperature-sensitive as well and must be stored at very cold temperatures. mRNA is constantly at risk of being destroyed by other molecules in the environment.

The current capacity for Ultra Low Temperature Freezers is 12,000 units per annum, which Godrej Appliances is working towards quickly ramping up to 30,000 units per annum, to meet the growing global demand.

Commenting on the recent developments, Jamshyd Godrej, CMD, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company said, “Inadequate cold chain equipment is one of the key challenges, which can lead to inefficacy of the vaccines and cost human health. This pandemic has underscored the need to be future ready when it comes to vaccine cold chain infrastructure. As a group we are constantly transforming to get newer technologies and partner to make the nation self-reliant.”

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