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    Dream Meaning Wall Clock and the Numbers

    Previously we have discussed if we will discuss the dream meaning of the wall clock and also the lucky number.

    You can see more in detail below.

    If we look at the Javanese primbon, this is a good sign for the life of the person who has this dream.

    You will get a very blessed and abundant fortune, this will make you very happy.

    4D (3209-7359)
    3D (230-672)
    2D (91-03)

    According to the natural code, if you have this dream then you will get very good and pleasant news.

    This news can come from anywhere, it could be related to work, your family, or it could be your relationship with your partner.

    4D (5026-7609)
    3D (153-794)
    2D (38-91)

    If what we hear from a psychologist this dream is a bad omen for you and your mental.

    You will get inner pressure in terms of work because your work is very time consuming and also your mind.

    4D (3019-4391)
    3D (410-641)
    2D (92-04)

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    According to Ibn Sirin, a well-known dream expert in Islam, this dream is a sign for you because you have been far from Allah SWT.

    You should get closer to Allah SWT and be more grateful for whatever is in your life right now.

    4D (6219 -7953)
    3D (812-946)
    2D (30-72)

    According to Erek Erek, this dream is a sign that will make you happy and even happy, because the things you have been looking for you will find.

    You should pay more attention to your belongings and keep them in their place so you don’t lose them again and get confused looking for them.

    4D (3901-475
    3D (081-362)
    2D (08-72)

    According to Ms. Kenu’s prediction, this dream is a sign that you will be free from problems that have been stressing you out.

    You will be free from debt that has made you dizzy and even stressed because you think about when you can pay off debts.

    4D (7219-8394)
    3D (208-519)
    2D (41-72)

    If we see from the prophecy bang bonang, this dream is a signal that makes you very happy if you hear this news.

    You will get abundant fortune and blessings in the near future, if this is true, don’t forget to give charity.

    4D (2475-3587)
    3D (473-586)
    2D (72-83)

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