Delhi: Drunk man kills acquaintance over Rs 100; arrested

A 50-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing a man on the New Year evening after a quarrel over a paltry sum of Rs 100 in the northwest of Delhi Kanjhawala area as per the police reports on Sunday. The accused Shambhu was arrested after this issue along with his associative name Mobin for killing the victim Malkhan.

This incident happened after they had a fight while consuming alcohol on the New Year evening i.e., on December 31st. Because of the fight scene they had while they are boozing lead the accused to kill the victim with a hangover mind.

Drunk man kills acquaintance over Rs 100; arrested:


After the interrogation, the Police officials said that Shambhu disclosed that the relation between the people involved in the incident. They said that Mobin was known to Malkhan and the three were having booze for the New Year celebrations near a canal that day.

The Joint Commissioner of Police of Crime Ravindra Yadav said that “During consumption of alcohol, a quarrel took place between Mobin and Malkhan on a matter involving just Rs 50-100. Being a friend of Mobin, he (Shambhu) also supported Mobin. They both thrashed Malkhan with the intention to kill him.”

The police said that both Shambhu who is illiterate and the other person Mobin who works as masons were the main accused people in the killing case that happened on the New Year evening. Yadav filed a complaint in Police station that was made by the deceased father on December 31st. His son had gone to their neighbor’s house but he didn’t return on that day and after the next morning also. Then came to know about the incident and his dead body was seen with injury marks and he was found near a canal which was adjacent to their colony.

This case was lodged in the matter at Kanjhawala police station regarding this matter. The police verified the case as during the consumption of alcohol there took a quarrel between Mobin and Malkhan on a certain matter involving the just amount of Rs 50 to 100. This issue led to the loss of a person.

Delhi: Drunk man kills acquaintance over Rs 100; arrested
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