Download the Best Android Vlog Video Editing Application for Beginner Youtubers

    Hello guys, Back again at Modelsphone.comOn this occasion, we will share various information Android Video Vlog Edit Application which we will share in the article below.

    You may be confused about choosing an editor application that is light, fast and easy to use for Android or iOS phones.

    What’s more if you are a person who wants to start making content on YouTube such as making vlogs, cinematics and so on.

    After watching the vlog, it might come to your mind to make it too.

    Therefore, here we will share various applications that you can try to use to edit videos like professional editors.

    List of the Best Android Vlog Video Editing Apps in 2022

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    ActionDirector Video Editor

    ActionDirector Video Editor is a video editing application that is very popular among PC users.

    And since the android version is here, this makes it easy for editors who only have an android or ios phone.

    This application contains many features and tools that we can use easily. Cut videos, add layers, make videoslowmo and much more

    And interestingly, the ActionDirector Video Editor application also supports video formats up to Full HD 4K.

    Quick Vlog Video Edit Application

    Quick is a new Android app suitable for beginner YouTubers. You can add up to 50 videos and photos which this app will edit automatically.

    Not only that, Quick also has more than 20 filters that we can use when editing videos.

    In addition, this application can also easily connect with GoPro cameras. which makes your videos more interesting

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    PowerDirector Video Editor

    This app is very different from other Android video editing apps.

    The reason is, PowerDirector uses the concept of a timeline. Which is similar to the appearance of video editing applications on a computer.

    But this way we can easily edit videos, add effects, and even create new timelines. In addition, you can also edit videos vertically or vertically.

    With this application, the video output can reach 4K resolution. and there are many more features available in this application. Which looks like a pro editor using a computer.

    Adobe Premiere Clip

    Adobe Premiere Clip is a video editing application like Adobe Premiere Pro PC. The best editing app on your computer is now available on Android gadgets.

    This app comes with many great features for editing videos, one of the main features is auto editing. Apart from that, we can also use various tools, add effects and insert music.

    Adobe Premiere Clip is very light to use, so this application supports all android phones, and is perfect for you beginners youtubers.

    KineMaster Video Edit Application

    We can use the KineMaster application to edit our videos easily. We can cut, merge, give text, and so on.

    Not only that, we can use this application to edit audio instantly. Like increasing or decreasing the volume.

    Kinemaster has a lot of features that are almost similar to editing software on a computer.

    Like adjusting brightness or even adding stunning 3D effects. So this application is perfect for YouTube users who only have a cellphone.

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    Application Edit Video Vlog Cinema FV-5 Lite

    We can use the KineMaster application to edit our videos easily. We can cut, merge, paste text, and so on.

    Not only that, we can use this application to edit audio directly. Like increasing or decreasing the volume.

    Like adjusting brightness or even adding stunning 3D effects. So this application is perfect for YouTube players who only have cellphones.

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Next, there is the Adobe Premiere Clip application which is also the best video editing application from Adobe that can be used. You install and use this application via Android and iOS smartphones.

    As simple as it sounds, this app gives you what you need to edit a blog.

    As well as adding music, sound effects, muting or increasing the sound in the application.

    Viva Video

    Furthermore, there is the VivaVideo application which is also one of the well-known apks used on Android smartphones.

    This application also provides many features, one of which provides more than 200 video filters. Apart from that, VivaVideo has the main advantage of using the dashboard to make it easier for users to understand it.

    VideoShow Video Editor

    The VideoShow application is the most advanced film and slide show editor in the world, and is often used to create and share videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook users.

    This app is also one of the most featured apps and is the most famous app with a total of more than 400 million users!

    Movie Maker Filmaker

    This app is completely free and ad-free. Many standard features that you can use to edit blogs on your smartphone such as trim, crop, give video effects.

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    You can even customize the filter as you wish. This application is guaranteed to make it easier for you to become a vlogger.

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    Those are some of the best vlog video editing applications that we have summarized for you, you can download them for free above, hopefully it will be useful.

    Don’t forget to check out our other articles, only at, because you will find various tips, tricks and other interesting applications and tutorials. Thank you.

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