Download Spotify Premium Mod APK Free No Ads

    The habit of listening to music has now shifted from offline to online methods. One of the most popular platforms for streaming music today is Spotify Premium Mod APK which can be used on Android and PC devices.

    One of the shortcomings of the original Spotify APK is that there are many ads that appear while listening to songs, the limitations of changing songs, and requiring users to pay a subscription fee if they want to experience the premium version.

    Therefore, some developers have created a modified application, namely Spotify Premium Mod for free forever to listen to songs anytime and anywhere.

    If you are interested and want to try this application, you should read the reviews below because we have provided the download link for free.

    About Spotify Premium Mod

    Spotify is a streaming platform used to access music content officially. Because Spotify is included in the streaming application category, users must have an internet connection to be able to access it.

    Actually the Spotify application also provides a feature for downloading music but it is only available in the premium version. As is well known, users have to pay a subscription fee to enjoy premium features.

    Subscription fees also vary, ranging from 40 thousand rupiah per month not including tax. The price is quite expensive for some people. This inspired developers to create a mod version of the Spotify Premium application.

    The application has the same functions as Spotify Premium, but users do not need to pay a subscription fee to use it. In essence, this app is made to enjoy premium features for free.

    So you can have premium features for free forever without limits and can be used on Android, iOS and PC devices.

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    Features of Spotify Premium Mod

    The Mod version of the Spotify Premium application has features that are not much different from the original Spotify version. Here is the explanation:

    1. Download Music

    Spotify Premium Mod

    The first feature that you can try from the Spotify Mod application is that you can download songs or music in the song search field. Of course, this feature cannot be found in the Spotify Free application. However, not all Spotify Mod applications can run this feature.

    By using this feature, you can save the downloaded song for offline listening anywhere without the need for an internet signal.

    2. Sleep Timer

    spotify premium apk free

    Spotify Mod Premium also has features sleep timer. The function of this feature is to turn off the music automatically within a certain period of time. You can use it when listening to music while going to sleep.

    Activate features sleep timer to prevent the music from playing until you wake up. Leaving music on while you sleep is also not good for health.

    3. Best Music Streaming Quality

    Spotify Premium Mod APK

    When using the free version of the Spotify application, users can only get music of mediocre quality. While on Spotify premium, users can enjoy music quality up to quality very high.

    With higher music quality, the experience of listening to music is even more enjoyable.

    4. Spotify Lyrics

    spotify premium mod lyrics

    Lyrics are an important part of a song. The presence of lyrics is also very important when you want to imitate a song. Therefore, Spotify provides the lyrics feature.

    The lyrics of each song on Spotify can be accessed at the bottom of the song view. So, the lyrics will appear automatically when you play a song.

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    Unfortunately, not all songs have lyrics. When you’re not lucky, you won’t find the lyrics at the bottom music player. This generally occurs in songs that are new or less popular.

    5. Playlist

    spotify premium forever

    Playlist is a feature that is used to create a playlist based on the user’s taste. In Spotify Premium Mod, you can create multiple playlists at once.

    You also won’t find songs added automatically by Spotify if you use the premium Mod. So you have to choose your favorite song first and then save it to the playlist that you created earlier.

    6. No Ads

    spotify premium  apk mod

    This feature is actually the most important. You won’t hear a Spotify ad that pops up once every two or three songs are played.

    The ad is quite annoying because the duration is quite long, therefore the developer of the modification blocks it so that the ad cannot appear.

    7. Spotify Premium Free

    Spotify Premium Free

    You don’t have to spend a penny if you use the Spotify Premium Mod APK application. So you can save up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah thanks to this application.

    Here are some features that only premium version users can access. These features include:

    1. Connect to connect devices such as mobile phones and laptops when using Spotify.
    2. Repeating used to select the repetition of a song, the options include repeat one (one song is repeated), repeat playlist (repeat playlist from the beginning when it reaches the last song), and no repeat (no repeating songs or playlists at all).
    3. Seeking used to skip duration.
    4. Shuffling to play songs in a random order or not in the order in the playlist.
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    Through this modified version of the application, now you can enjoy all these premium features for free.

    Download the Spotify Premium Mod App

    download spotify premium mod

    In this article, there are two application links that will be shared. The first application is Spotify Premium version 8.5.89. While the second application is a recommended version that can be used to download music or songs. Here are the details.

    Application Name Spotify Premoum Mod APK
    Size 32 Mb
    Operating system Android 4.1 + Up
    Developer Spotify.Ltd
    Price Free

    After clicking the link, you will be directed to the application download page. Click on the download button to start the download process and save the APK file on your phone’s storage.

    How to Install Spotify Premium APK Application

    spotify premium apk

    Now the APK file is in the smartphone storage. It’s time to start the install process. Here’s the tutorial:

    1. Make sure the file has been downloaded and saved in the phone memory.
    2. Open the file manager app then find the APK file earlier.
    3. Klik file APK then a new screen will appear for the installation process. Click on button Install.
    4. If a screen appears to grant install permission, enable the option Allow unknown sources.
    5. Continue by clicking the button Install.
    6. Wait until the screen shows that the installation process is complete. Click Finished or open to start the application.


    Generally, Mod applications can only be installed and run on a rooted phone. But not with the Spotify Premium Mod APK application, so you can install it freely even if the Android smartphone software is not modified.

    This application can be a good alternative for those of you who have a minimal budget. All the features in Spotify Premium can be enjoyed for free.

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