Download Botika WhatsApp Apk (ChatBotika Application) Latest 2021

    WhatsApp – Talking about WhatsApp, there are indeed many interesting things that will never end if we discuss it. We have to admit that this text messaging application is one of the applications that must be installed by all individual smartphone users. By using the WhatsApp application, we make it easier for long-distance communications that take advantage of various features in it such as sending text messages, voice calls, and even video calls.

    The myriad of features in the WhatsApp application are one of the reasons why this messenger application has become the most popular application and has up to 2 billion users worldwide. Not even a few WhatsApp applications are now widely used by online sellers to develop their business. Yes, almost all online sellers now use the WhatsApp application as a means to communicate with potential buyers or customers.

    Even WhatsApp itself has now facilitated it by launching its newest feature, WhatsApp for Business. This feature serves for the purposes of various business activities or online marketing. But unfortunately features WhatsApp for Business it is considered to have several advantages and is considered to be still not optimal for full online marketing matters, especially for online business people on a large scale.

    Well, this time, we will share WhatsApp Botika which can help you make it easier to run your online business so that it can be maximized. By using Botika WhatsApp, various online business needs can be done automatically. For more detailed information, please see the following.

    What Is WhatsApp Pharmacy?

    Botika WhatsApp itself is an application called ChatBotika. This ChatBotika application functions to make it easier for online sellers, especially for admins to be able to manage sales made online on various social media such as WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

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    By using the ChatBotika application, the admin can reply to up to thousands of chats even on WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram automatically. This application is certainly very helpful for you to be able to quickly respond to serving potential buyers or customers in the messenger application that you send messages to.

    Download the ChatBotika Application

    Well, for those of you who want to use this application. You can download it directly in the Google Play Store application on your Android phone or you can also download it at the link we provide in this article.

    Application Name chatbotika
    Updated December 21, 2020
    Current Version
    Size 5.9M
    Require Android version 5.0 and higher
    Developer PT Botika Teknologi Indonesia


    Here are some of the features found in the Chatbotika application. Please read the following in full.

    Chatbot Smart Assistant

    By using chatbot technology, of course, it really helps you to reply to incoming messages sent by potential buyers or customers for 24 hours. You can also still control the chats sent by customers.

    Integrated Social Platform

    By using the chatbotika application, your online store will automatically be connected to various social media platforms such as whatsapp, line, telegram, and facebook messenger.

    Analytical Data

    As we know in business key data is very important for business success. Well, by using this application, you can get all the data to analyze and develop your online store.

    All in One Chat

    With this feature, it is easier for customers to make transactions such as with a product catalog, how to order, shipping costs, FAQs, and others.

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    Broadcast Message

    This one feature is certainly very useful for those of you who want to inform customers when there are promos, new products, and more.

    Assistant type choice

    You can also choose the type of assistant you want to answer questions sent by customers.

    Order Automation

    Customers can make transactions automatically through the same chat.

    How to Install

    How to install the Chatbotika application is the same as installing applications in general. Please click on the download link that we shared above. After that you will be directed to the google play store and install the Chatbotika application.

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    The final word

    That’s the information that we can share at this opportunity regarding WhatsApp Botika. Hopefully what we explain in this article can be easily understood and useful for all readers of this article. Thank you.

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